Is it True the Time Error on iPhone Leads to its Crashing?

How true are the allegations that iPhone stops working when the date is set to 01/01/1970? And is Apple offering solutions?

Apple apologized to people who got their phones damaged from this error and promised to solve the issue.

The media has recently been talking about the technical error found by users in Apple devices when changing the date to 1970. Apple quickly confirmed that and promised to solve the problem.

Apple’s website posted a warning about manually changing the date to May 1970 and any date before that on iPhones, iPads, and iPods which will lead to iOS crashing and the device will stop working after restarting it.

Apple also promised in the post that they are working on solving this problem as they will offer a new iOS update to solve the problem but without deciding on a date or setting a timeframe.

What the technical websites were posting about this error in setting the date to May 1970 and before is caused by a bug in the iOS software which causes the device to be damaged even after multiple restarts.

At the beginning, many users thought this was gossip and fake news until they tried setting the date which affected their devices; and in turn caused Apple to confirm the error and then posting a warning and apology about it promising users a new iOS version to solve the issue.

Technical solutions from Users

Since Apple did not solve the problem yet, separate groups of users and programmers managed to come up with some solutions which have been successful. did not yet make sure of these solutions therefore we advise you not to change the date and try one of these solutions.

One group of users and programmers published some simple solutions – stating they worked – like leaving the phone on airplane mode until completely out of charge and then recharging it causing the device to work normally, but there was no comment from Apple about this solution and not many users tried it as they are afraid it will not work since it came from programmers who might just be after fame.

The second solution, which is more complex than the first, is putting the phone, removing the battery and leaving them for 30 seconds. You install it and put the phone back together and restart it. That requires a specialist to do as Apple’s batteries are non-removable; therefore, taking the battery out requires you take the whole device apart and putting it together again.

But, nonetheless, we cannot guarantee any of the solutions suggested by these users and programmers even though they might have worked with some users. But since it is a technical error from Apple, they should be responsible and create solutions to the problem. advises you not to try this even out of curiosity since it might cause your device to stop for a long period of time before Apple offer a solution.

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