Your Guide to the Best Antivirus

Do you need an antivirus to your computer? Do you know the specifications of antivirus and internet security?

Learn about the best antivirus software.

There are many names and types of electronic viruses; and they have spread really quickly all over the world because of the increase in internet users and how easy they can be transferred between different devices.

Computer security or safety programs are divided into two main types: Antiviruses and Internet Security Programs.

Both programs are designed to protect your computer from viruses and harmful files. Depending on your needs you need to choose what suits you more, will you need an antivirus or internet security. You might now wonder what the differences between those two types are.

Differences Between Antivirus And Internet Security Program?

 Kaspersky Antivirus 2016

Antivirus works on protecting computers from viruses that might affect the device. It can also search for viruses in storage places whether in internal storages (like the hard drive) or external storage units (like USBs, external hard disks, etc…)

Antivirus searches for viruses and deletes them, but the problem that was faced by companies manufacturing Antivirus is that it can only delete recognized viruses. And since viruses are developed and improved on daily basis, companies developed a strategy to permanently destroy viruses. The strategy was based on the idea that Antivirus users will receive continuous updates to the program when connected to the internet to keep the antivirus program up-to-date. These updates contain the type of viruses that were developed up until the recent date.

Even though users complain that antivirus takes up a large space from the hard drive, random access memory (RAM), and central processing unit (CPU) resulting in the computer’s slow performance; they are still considered lighter than internet security programs on the computer.

Internet security programs protect the computer from any hacking or spying attempts. It works on creating a firewall to defend the computer from attacks like internet piracy. It is also highly efficient in attacking other harmful programs like Trojans and Worms.

Internet security programs are also highly efficient when it comes to protecting your personal information, bank accounts, and passwords.

When it comes to the space consumed by internet security programs on the internal storage and RAM, they are heavier on the computer than Antivirus (as we mentioned above). This is especially true when an old computer or laptop is being used. That is because internet security programs delete many of the computer’s functions, as well as some of the tasks the user does online. They are also more expensive than antivirus.

Without going into further detail about their technicalities (not that interesting to the user), we will answer an important question that arises when wanting to purchase one: “Which one will I need, antivirus or an internet security program?”

Actually, if you do not use the internet a lot, then an antivirus will be enough for you. But if you only use the computer to surf the internet, then you will need an internet security program. If you are categorized in between, manufacturing companies started offering a package containing both programs. The packages names vary between different companies and they are commonly known as Full Protection, Full Package, etc…

Depending on the type of sensitive information on your computer, a smart decision can be made. If you use online banking then you will need the information protected and hence get an internet security program. An antivirus will be more suitable if you do not have sensitive information online (even if you use the internet).

There are many different brands of antivirus and internet security programs in the market and below we will list the most popular ones.

The Most Popular Antivirus and Internet Security Programs

As mentioned above, the stores are filled with different brands and types of antivirus and internet security programs, which leave the user wondering which one to purchase. This is why we bring you in this article the most popular programs in the world.

  • Kaspersky

 Kaspersky Internet Security Software 2013

The Russian Company Kaspersky Lab is one of the leading corporations in computer security and the creation of antivirus and internet security programs. Kaspersky was established in 1997 and has regional offices in Europe (specifically Germany, France, Poland, Romania, Britain, Boland, and Netherlands) and in Eastern Asia (Chine, Japan, and North Korea), in the United States, as well as their main headquarters in Moscow, Russia.

When it comes to sales, Kaspersky is in the second place and they release their programs annually. The 2013 version of internet security program is one of their most important releases. Kaspersky is compatible with different operating systems like Mac and Windows.

Kaspersky is available in different versions in the market, some can be installed on more than one device (up to 5), and some for desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

  • McAfee

 McAfee Antivirus 2013

Also on our list comes the American Company McAfee which is owned by the American Company Intel since 2010.

McAfee was established in 1987 and they are based in Santa Clara, California, Western United States. They are named after their founder John McAfee.

For many years, McAfee was one of the most known names in the world of antivirus and internet security programs. They are specialized in the business sector and are also suitable for families who want block offensive websites from their children; meaning, it has many settings for different purposes.

McAfee programs and software are considered one of the lightest on computers. And so, it does not consume a lot of battery power, it also has settings to block and close some online websites to ensure that children would not have access to abusive content.

  • Norton

 Norton Antivirus 2012

Norton antivirus and internet security programs are excellent. They are produced by the American Company Symantec and they been in the market since 1982. Their headquarters are based in Santa Clara, California, Western United States.

  • Bitdefender

 Bitdefender Antivirus 2016

Bitdefender antivirus and internet security programs are developed by the Romanian Company Softwin. Softwin was established in 1990 and their headquarters are based in Bucharest, Romania.

  • AVG

 AVG Antivirus 2013

AVG antivirus and internet security programs are developed by the Czech Company AVG; which was established in 1992.


Choosing the correct and suitable antivirus and internet security programs is not a difficult task. You must choose the type of program you want: antivirus or internet security program. Then you need to choose the program’s brand or manufacturing company.

You also need to stay connected to the internet after installing it so that you have all the recent updates and keep your computer secure and protected.

Be smart before making a decision.

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