BlackBerry Passport Design Combining Keyboard & Touch Screen

What are the specifications and features of BlackBerry Passport? Will BlackBerry Passport users still prefer a traditional Keyboard?

BlackBerry Passport with a Design Combining between a Keyboard and Touchscreen, Powered by BlackBerry 10.

There are people who still prefer having a phone with a traditional keypad and some companies are trying to create touch keypads, but there are still some companies that keep this feature. We will tell you through this article about BlackBerry Passport that was released at the end of 2014.

BlackBerry Passport is considered a big phone that has a keyboard.

 BlackBerry Passport Keyboard.

When holding BlackBerry Passport for the first time, it does feel like holding a passport especially when it comes to size! This might be the reason behind its name. BlackBerry Passport still has the elegance of BlackBerry phones.

Even though BlackBerry phones had lower sales in 2015, but studies and research show that BlackBerry users are the most loyal; they keep their BlackBerry phones for almost two and half years while other smartphone users continuously change their phones.

Also, BlackBerry users usually change their phones with a newer BlackBerry instead of changing to another brand.


*Official video for BlackBerry Passport’s Design.

What are the Specifications of BlackBerry Passport?

BlackBerry Passport supports GSM, HSPA, and LTE mobile networks which are the most common worldwide.

Its dimensions are 128x90.3x9.3 mm and weighs 196 grams.

The phone has a 4.5 inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1440x1440 pixels and covered with a layer of Corning Gorilla 3 break and crash resistant glass.

BlackBerry Passport is powered by BlackBerry 10 operating system, and a quad core Qualcomm MSM8974AA Snapdragon 801 with a speed of 2.26 GHz.

It has an internal storage of 32 GB and a 3 GB RAM with the ability to add an additional memory card (up to 128 GBs).

The rear camera has a resolution of 13 MP with an f/2.0 lens aperture, and the front camera has a resolution of 2 MP and an f/2.8 lens aperture.

It has a non-removable 3450 mAh battery, lasting 444 hours when on standby and 23 hours on talking mode.

 Colors of BlackBerry Passport.

Finally, BlackBerry Passport specifications are similar to other smartphones and it is considered a popular phone with users who prefer a traditional keypad. It is available in the following colors: black, white, red, silver, and black and gold.

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