Guide to choosing your Mobile Screen Size

What is the perfect screen size for different mobile users?

Guide to choosing your smartphone Screen Size

In the information evolution these days, owning a smart phone or mobile is a necessity! But have you ever wondered what type of screen will meet your needs?

The uses of cell phones are diverse, especially when we refer to smartphones! These tools have many purposes like playing games, watching movies, listening to music, reading, and managing your business, let alone its main purpose: staying connected to your family and friends. When you want to purchase a new mobile, you have to take the screen size into consideration, and you must ask yourself questions to decide which size it good for you!

What will you use your phone for?Gaming mobile

The cellphone plays an important role in managing business’s and entertainment for some, and others see it as a mean of communication. Therefore, the way you want to use your phone makes a difference when choosing a screen size.

For people who use their phones for browsing the internet, entertainment, checking emails, and communicating with others via video calls, or video applications like Skype, then a phone with a big screen would be more suitable. Other people who only use their phones for calls and text messaging, and are infrequent internet users, then smaller phone are more suitable.

How much will you use your cellphone?

Cellphone users are divided into two main categories: people who use it for long periods of time, and people who use them for short periods. Thus, the duration you spend using your phone makes a difference when choosing a screen. If you do not use cellphones a lot, you can save some money and buy a simple phone with a small screen size. But if you are from the first category, who play games, watches videos and even read on their phone, then it is more suitable for you to buy a phone with a big screen, 5.5 inch and above, since it would be more comfortable for you.

Will you depend on your phone for browsing the internet?

If you do not spend a lot of time using your phone for games and videos, and you use it for browsing more, then a medium sized screen of about 5 inches will be better for you, and you can think about other standards that you might need.

Will you only use your phone for calls and text messaging?


traditional mobile for calls and texting

Before answering this question, we must concentrate on whether you want a smartphone or a normal one. If you only need your phone to make calls and use it for messages, then the simple mobile with a small screen will be better for you, and then you will not need a smartphone. Owning a simple mobile is a perfect way to save money.


Businessman mobile

There are many smartphone screen sizes in the market to suit each person: 3.5 inch, 4.7 inch, 5.1 inch, 5.5 inch, 5.7 inch, and 6.8 inch. Smartphones with a 5.5 inch screen and above are considered big phones, while phones with 5 inch screen are medium sized. Below that is considered a small screen phone. Many of us prefer having a big screen mobile, even if we do not need it, and contrary to that, there are people who prefer smaller screens. Our advice is to know what you want and your preferences within your budget, and that does not mean to step away from what you want but to adapt what you need with what you like within your budget.

Before purchasing a new phone, think about why you need it, and thus figuring out what screen size you will need. Make the smart decision, and do not forget to browse Labeb for a wise purchase.  

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