Everything You Need To Know About Graphic Tablets

Did you hear about graphic tablets? Do you want to know more about this device? Read this article for everything you need to know

What do you know about graphic tablets and how do you choose one?

When it comes to architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and artists, graphic tablets made their tasks much easier. They can now draw with their hands and directly see the output on a computer or laptop screen. Labeb.com will introduce you to this product through this article.

A graphic tablet is indeed a priceless device for people who use it (architects, graphic and interior designers, and artists) as they can now draw on the tablet directly using an electronic pen and see the output on the computer screen with the ability to edit. It is not only about drawing, you can also add colors to drawings, write, and interact with graphic software and programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, After Effects, and many more.

What usually affects the user when using a computer is the mouse. Graphic tablets made that easier since the electronic pen acts as a mouse while giving the user more control. This will give a 100% guarantee to getting the desired outcome.

Graphic tablets are available in many different sizes and features. This makes the decision to buy one more difficult as you need to know the features and compare them to make sure you are buying a suitable one.

The main feature of a graphic tablet is that it combines the needs of architects and designers to use their hands to draw with a pen, and using the pen as a mouse (similar to how you mice are used with a computer). You will not need to worry as graphic tablets are compatible with all operating systems (Windows and Mac OS).

The features and specifications of graphic tablets make the experience more unique to designers and architects (whether on a beginner or professional level). Note that Wacom, the Japanese Corporation, is considered the best in manufacturing this device and barely has any competitors.

This is clearly shown as users refer to graphic tablets as Wacom.

Usually, smaller sized graphic tablets and the e-pen have a length of 152.4 millimeters and a width of 101.6 millimeters. Bigger sized graphic tablets have a length of 304.8 millimeters and a width of 228.6 millimeters. There are also bigger sized tablets for people who need to draw and see more details.

Types of Graphic Tablets

Regardless of the brands or manufacturing companies, graphic tablets can be divided into two main categories: regular graphic tablets, and graphic tablets with screens.

Regular Graphic Tablet

 Normal Graphic Tablet

This device is available in many different sizes in the market. As an average, the small graphic tablet has a length of 98 millimeters and a width of 157 millimeters; the medium sized graphic tablet has a length of 140 millimeters and a width of 224 millimeters; and finally the large graphic tablet has a length of 203 millimeters and a width of 325 millimeters. Some companies manufacture smaller or larger sizes than these, but the above are considered the most common.

This type of graphic tablets has a non-bright tablet and a smart-pen. Once the user begins drawing on it using the smart-pen (or even a finer), the result is projected on the computer screen. It can also interact with graphic programs by using the mouse.

The price depends on the size and extra features it contains.

This type of tablets is connected to the computer though a USB cord or wirelessly through Bluetooth. The type of connectivity also affects the price.

Bright Screen Graphic Tablet

 Bright screen Graphic Tablet

This type of graphic tablets is not different from the one listed above when it comes to how it is used. The only difference is the nature of the tablet itself as it is bright and projects what the user is drawing directly on it while being synced with the computer screen.

This type is more suitable for artists as they care about details. It also can magnify the drawing on the tablet to focus more on fine details.

It is sometimes referred to as a 3D graphic tablet but it can also be used for 2D and 1D drawings.

Similar to the first type, this one comes in different sizes, features, connectivity options, and more. The type of features determines the price of the graphic tablet.

How to Choose a Suitable Graphic Tablet? What are the Additional Features you need to consider?

The user is the one who can determine the answer to these questions. The user must determine the type of tablet first, its size, connectivity options, and the other features.

When choosing a graphic tablet, it is better to choose one from a well-known brand. That is because graphic tablets are sensitive devices and choosing a known one will minimizing damaging and problems. Especially since fixing these devices is a difficult and expensive task.

Getting a good graphic tablet will also come with a warranty and that will save you a lot of effort if it gets damaged.

One of the important features you need to consider when purchasing a graphic tablet is the Pen Pressure Sensitivity. The pen’s pressure on the tablet is what gives the drawn line clarity and transparency. The higher the pen’s sensitivity, the better it becomes. This information is written on the box outside so make sure to check this factor when buying a graphic tablet.

 Graphic Tablet Pen Sensitivity

The other factor you need to consider is the resolution. The higher the tablet’s resolution the better it gets.

Other features that you may find useful include: control buttons/keys on the tablet, a mouse, number of USB ports, having a place for the pen, etc…


The price of this device depends mainly on its size. Smaller graphic tablets are much cheaper, and the bigger the size, the more it will cost. The regular graphic tablet is also cheaper than the bright screen graphic tablet. Most graphic tablets do need batteries as they are powered through the computer. Some tablets have a regular battery than can be charged once connected to the computer or to a power supply.

Depending on those factors and the additional features, the prices of graphic tablets range between 80 USDs and 2000 USDs before taxes and customs.

If you like to use your hands while drawing and coloring, as well as focusing on details, then a graphic tablet will be suitable for you. If you use specialized programs and software that can work by only using a mouse, then you might want to reconsider buying a graphic tablet.

Large graphic tablets are suitable for architects and interior designers who use AutoCAD.

Graphic tablets give the user better control over drawing and it is suitable for artists, architects, and designers. Before making a choice, Labeb.com advises you to check the specifications and features we listed above. Also make sure the graphic tablet is compatible with the operating system you use, programs, and different design software.

Be smart before making a decision.

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