Your Guide to Gas Heaters

Are there certain specifications for choosing a gas heater? Do they differ from one another? Learn about the different types & specs of heaters

Gas Heaters are considered the most used heating device at homes.

Most people tend to buy gas heaters when winter approaches. There are many different heating sources and devices like methane gas, kerosene, electric heaters, air conditions, diesel heaters, and others.

Generally, users think that choosing a heater is a simple and easy task, but that is not true as there are many different heaters depending on what powers them.

In previous articles, we talked about how to choose an air condition for your home. Air conditions can heat and cool the area they are placed in. In this article we will introduce you to gas heaters, and we will soon bring you other articles about electric heaters.

Choosing a gas heater is not a simple task but it is also not that complicated, especially if you have enough information! First you must learn about the different types and models of gas heaters, make your decision, and then learn about the additional specifications and features!

The stores and markets are filled with many different models, types, shapes, designs, and colors, but they all have one job that is heating! Some types are more suitable for rooms as they can be moved, and some are suitable for big areas like coffee shops and gardens.

The size of the gas heater has a positive correlation with the amount of gas consumption. Therefore, you have to choose what is suitable to you while giving you efficient gas consumption. The most important factor when buying a gas heater is choosing the type! Below we will list the different types and afterwards we will list the important specifications.

Portable Gas Heaters

   Portable Heaters                                                     

This type is the most common in the market. It is available in many different designs, shapes, and sizes. Generally, when it comes to its design, it can be divided into two main categories: the first has a vertical rectangular shape and the second has a horizontal rectangular shape.

This type is powered by connecting a gas pipe through a special hose and a time-piece to the heater. The time-piece is responsible for regulating the gas flow from the tank through the pipe and into the heater itself.

The most important thing about this type is that it is portable. It can be easily moved from one place to another which increases its popularity.

Usually, the gas tank has a place to be put in inside the heater or around its exterior. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous designs of this type and some new models even look like a fireplace.

Similar to all gas heaters, this type is powered by electric buttons. The user opens the gas tank at first (to permit airflow through the pipe), then presses the on button that produces a spark where the gas flow ends to light the heater.

Still Gas Heaters (Wall Connected)

 Wall Heaters

This type is not that common in the Middle East as our infrastructure cannot support it. This type operates by installing it in the wall and connecting it to the gas pipes – without needing to use a gas tank! It is similar to how our water pipes provide water to sinks, washing machines, etc…

This type also has many different designs and can look like the normal (portable) gas heater. The main difference lies in how the gas is connected. As mentioned above, connecting it to our normal gas tanks will not work as it needs to be connected to the preinstalled gas pipes in the walls (infrastructure).

Since it has many different designs, you need to make the decision of its size and number of heating plates according to the area you want to heat.

Large Gas Heaters

 Mushroom Heaters

The large gas heater is known in many different names such as mushroom heater (since it looks like mushroom), patio heater, and many others.

This type is mostly used in large areas like coffee shops, backyards, and gardens. It can only be powered by a gas tank since it cannot be connected to walls.

Generally in mushroom heaters, the flame is located on the top and it is higher than the height of an average standing human. When it is on, it illuminates the heat by reflectors located above the flame, thus giving it the mushroom name.

As for patio heaters, it does not have reflectors on top, and if there are they would be very small. This is because this heater’s flame is not located on top like mushroom heater, but in the middle!

 Patio Heaters

Generally, this is usually used for open areas.

After choosing the type you want, you need to check some extra features so you can make the smartest buying decision.

Extra Specifications you need to check

When choosing a portable or normal gas heater you first need to check the number of heating plates. That does not include large gas heaters because they have one powerful flame to heat more space.

As mentioned before, normal gas heaters are available in many different sizes, shapes and designs in the market. Some have three, four, and even five heating plates. The average number of heating plates is three, and choosing the correct number of heating plates usually depends on the room size. Large rooms might require you to choose four or five heating plates.

You can check other features like how the heater is switched on, flame quality, auto-stop when there is low oxygen supply in the room, or when bumped into (for child safety), and having a tray for heating snacks and drinks.

The features differ from one manufacturing company to another; but it is important to choose a model first and a suitable number of heating plates second.


To make the smartest decision, you need to: choose a type, determine number of heating plates, and then finally check other features.

Gas heaters basically operate through burning the gas supplied to produce heat, and the combustion itself requires oxygen. Therefore, for you safety, make sure the room you are placing the heater in is well ventilated. You can also choose a heater with an auto-stop feature so that it turns off when there is low oxygen level.

Also, make sure the heater is placed away from children. And remember to check the pipe and time-piece periodically.

Finally, we advise you to pay attention to the safety instructions before using the heater. They are located on the heaters box and on a small paper on top of the heater itself!

In addition to having numerous options of gas heaters on our websites, you can also check our electronic devices and appliances, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Be smart before making a decision!

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