Google Home, Your New Home Assistant!

Did you hear about Google Home? What are its specifications and features? Will be available in the market soon?

Google Home: a new innovative device working on voice command to assist you at home.

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With all the advancements in the technological world, it became normal to hear about a device that assists humans carry daily tasks. Although we have heard of such devices before – like the curtain or shutter remote control – the device we are introducing today is beyond that! It is not controlled through a remote, but through voice commands!

The technology that came from the American company Google is called Google Assistant. It is similar to Apple’s assistant Siri. This technology was used before in smartphones.

Google Assistant was developed by Google in its new device Google Home. Google Home operates on voice commands and is powered by Google Assistant.

What is Google Home Then?

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We can say that Google Home is a device connected to the internet that receives voice commands and executes them. The user can play music and listen to YouTube videos just by asking the device. The user can also ask it questions where Google Home searches for the answer online and plays it.

Google Home has speakers that enable the user to listen to music, hear answers to the questions asked, etc…

The user can ask Google Home anything! You can ask about the weather, traffic, stock market, news (political, economic, and sports news), and many other questions that can be searched online. Once the search is done, the device reads the answers to the user which can be heard through the speakers!

The user can also upload personal details to Google Home for more assistance. It can, for example, remind you of appointments, travel details, and even set an alarm clock!

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One of the examples presented by Google for one of Google Home’s tasks is:

User: Okay Google, tell me about my day?

Google Home: Good morning, the time now is 7:21 am. The weather in San Francisco today is 95 Fahrenheit’s and it is going to be a sunny day. You might need to wear sun block! Do not forget your appointments today; you have a meeting at 9:30 am! Hope you have a great day.

Furthermore, you can manage and power your smart devices at home through Google Home by voice commands. You can light up your home and control the temperature of the AC (by increasing or decreasing it). All this and more is possible if your home devices are linked and connected to Google Home. The devices also need to be compatible with it. Generally, the user can manage any device that is connected to the network (online) through Google Home!

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It is important to note that Google Home will be available in many colors to suits everyone’s taste and to go with the décor of any room it is placed in!

As for the device’s technical specifications, Google Home is built using algorithms specialized in voice commands. Google also equipped it with three speakers!

Voice commands are picked through two small microphones installed on the device, and it can be charged through a USB or a plug!


Nowadays, technology is headed in the direction of Internet of Things! This allows the user to stay connected with many devices to carry daily tasks. It may be important here to advise you the following: do not forget human interaction, and do not be completely dependable on technology!

Google home is not the only device in the market that performs tasks, or operates as a smart home assistant. Other home assistant devices include the Chinese Ding Dong, and Amazon’s Echo!

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There is a wide range of experts who believe that Google manufactured Google Home to get a bigger market share and compete with Amazon who manufactured Echo (we will talk about it in future articles).

To redefine the device, Google Home is a smart device that assists you at home. It is possible to control any home device through it; it can also help you remember your daily schedule and appointments, as well as knowing the weather condition and other daily facts and news. Google Home can also be listed as an Artificial Intelligence device.

It will have a price ranging around 130 USDs and it is still unknown when it will be available in the Arab market.

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