Your Guide to Choosing A Fan

What are the different models and types of fans? What are the important specifications and features you need to check?

Fans are an important device in all houses especially during summer!

The market is filled with different types, models, and designs of fans. Fans are a cheaper replacement of air conditions especially in countries with moderate heat during summer as it helps in providing a cool and fresh breeze, and air circulation.

The first question you need to answer when thinking about getting a fan is: “Why do I need a new electric fan?” The answer to this question will help you find a type of fan, and below we will list the different types of fans which will help in answering the question above.

Before air conditions, the main focus was on getting a fan to cool the house, whether ceiling fans, floor fans, or countertop fans, etc.. As we mentioned before, people living in areas with moderate heat during summer do not need to buy an AC as fans can carry the cooling task efficiently. However, in hotter areas, some people tend to have an AC and a fan to lower the high temperatures.

The main thing when buying a fan is choosing a type, and then you can move to select other features like programs, speeds, protection, remote controls, etc… The stores have many different models and so you have to take your time when making a purchase.

Below you will find the most important types of fans – according to design:

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans have a circular shape placed on top of a pipe with adjustable heights, and a base below. The base can be circular shaped or a cross base with three or four legs.

Usually, pedestal fans are highly desirable to put in living rooms or offices since you can adjust its height and grill tilt allowing you to determine where the air is supplied.

The average height of this type is around 80 inches (203 centimeters – 2 meters) and as we mentioned the height can be adjusted.

There are some models of this type that have a circular grill covered with a square plastic cover. The height can be adjusted through two columns, one to the right and the other to the left, connected to the same base.

Table Fan

 Table Fan

This is the most common type in the Jordanian market, and in addition to putting it on countertops, this type can also be hanged on walls. It is suitable for bedrooms or small rooms as it is made of a circular fan connected directly to a base. It is also available in a square shape in the market.

As mentioned above (and similar to its name), it can be placed on a table or hung on walls. It is available in different sizes; the smaller the size the more suitable it is for personal use! Also, it can be moved easily through rooms.

Ceiling Fan

 Ceiling Fan

This is one of the big fans and it is placed on ceiling walls. It used to be the most common type before AC’s in places like hospitals, theaters, and schools with its advantage being able to cool the whole room.

Some ceiling fans have a lighting unit making them a fan and a light at the same time. It is also considered a good and more economic replacement of AC’s. This type is available in different sizes, and blade numbers and lengths to be suitable with the room size it is placed in.

Salons and guest rooms are the most suitable rooms for this type, and some people see it as a type of room decoration.

Floor Fan

 Floor Fan

Floor fans have a small base that can be placed on floors and it appears like it is placed directly on the floor. There are different sizes of floor fans which are considered heavy duty cooling machines since it has a strong motor and can circulate air to wider ranges. Sometimes it might be even suitable for gardens and industrial work since it can remove smoke and smell, and dry humidity like garages and basements.

In many types you are able to change its height and tilt. The large floor fans are heavy making them suitable for gardens and outdoor areas, while smaller floor fans are more suitable for home use.

Tower Fan

 Tower Fan

Even if this type it limited it has a modern and hip design, and looks like a tower. It also saves space as it can be placed in a corner and will only take a small square space and it might look like part of the furniture.

The height varies in this type from 15 to 48 inches (38 and 122 centimeters) and so it is available in many different options to fit with your home furniture.

This time is not common in the market yet, especially the Arab one.

Bladeless Fan

 Bladeless Fan

This type is the most bizarre and is rarely available in the Jordanian and Arab market.

Its working mechanism is that its border spins at a high speed – without blades – powered by a strong motor; thus generating air movement. It is considered the most recent and most innovative type of fans, as well as being the safest.

When it comes to design, it looks like the pedestal fan and table fan.

Labeb’s Advice when buying a Fan!

After choosing the model you like, you need to consider some extra features in order to make the smartest decision:

  • Speed Options: Fans usually have three different speeds, but there might be some in the market with four or five different speeds. Note that the faster the fan, the more power it has to generate and circulate air.
  • Grill Rotation: Make sure you can switch the fans rotation on and off, especially if you choose a pedestal fan and table fan.
  • Timer: Some fans have a timer that you can set (like sleep timer). If you need this option do not forget to ask about it.
  • Safety: Make sure the grill on the fan is sturdy – especially if you have children or pets.
  • Remote Control: Some fans can be controlled through a remote control; if you need this option do not forget to ask about it.

After choosing a type and the features you want to have, do not forget this important tip: where you will put the fan? The fan should be placed in an area that will give you the biggest amount of cold and fresh air. Also, do not forget to make a decision according to your budget.

You can look at different types, brands, and models of fans in our electronics section under heating and cooling systems. You can compare prices, check specifications, and contact stores near you!

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