Guide to Choosing an Electric Water Kettle

Do water kettles differ from each other? What are the standards of choosing an electric water kettle?

The Electric Water Kettles Differ Due to Their Different Features and Heating Speeds.

Electric water kettles are gaining popularity as they provide hot water within minutes thus saving time and effort in the morning especially among people who work. will give you some tips and guidance when buying an electric water kettle.

Preparing a hot drink used to require filling the traditional metal kettle, putting it on the stove and waiting for the water to boil to make coffee or tea.

The electric water kettle will save you all that time as you only need to fill it, turn it on, and wait a couple of minutes to get your hot water. Note that electric water kettles have sensors allowing them to switch off once boiling point is reached.

Just like other electric appliances, the electric water kettle is available in many different brands, types, and features. We here at Labeb will tell you about the important factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

Electric water kettles are now one of the most important kitchen appliances at home and at work, and as we mentioned above, they are available in different models and designs. The main difference between them is the electric cord.

Types of Electric Water Kettles

There are two main types of electric water kettles; the first type has a base that connects the kettle to the power supply, while the other connects the kettle directly to the power supply without a base.

Electric Water Kettle with a Base:

 Electric Water Kettle with a Base.

This is the most common type worldwide. The kettle is placed on a base and the electric cord is connected to the base itself. This allows the user to take the kettle away without having to be near a power supply as it can be removed from the base.

Once you remove the kettle from the base it will stop heating water making it more practical. Sometimes you do not need boiling water, this feature allows you to remove the kettle once it reaches the temperature you desire and it will stop the heating process.

Also, it has heat sensors that turn it off once boiling point is reached.

Electric Water Kettle without a Base:

Unlike electric water kettles with a base, this type has limited mobility since the electric cord is connected to the kettle itself.

When a cord is bumped into or pulled, the kettle may fall unlike the kettle with a base (if the cord is pulled only the base will fall). That is why the kettle with a base is considered safer, especially when children are around.

The heater also has sensors allowing it to disconnect when boiling point is reached.

Experts and specialists advice people to get the electric water kettle with a base as it is safer to use (especially when children or elderly in the household) and is more practical.

Electric Water Kettle Capacity

 Capacity of Electric Water Kettles.

Electric water kettles are available in different capacities ranging between 1.0 – 2.0 liters. The average capacity is between 1.51.7 liters (7 – 10 cups).

For small families or a small office a maximum of 1.5 liters kettle is suitable, but for larger families and big offices, then an electric water kettle that is at least 1.7 liters is better.

Generally, users think that a 1.5 liters kettle is suitable for everyone and it is the most purchased.

Heating Speed

The second important factor you need to consider when purchasing an electric water kettle is the heating speed.

Most kettles need between 3 – 4 minutes to reach boiling point, but the speed relies on the general electric power. There is a 2 minutes difference between the fastest and slowest kettles due to the variation in the electric power (1.7 and 3 kilowatts).

An electric water kettle with a 3 Kilowatts can reach boiling point after two and a half minutes.

Other Features

The most important features you need to check about water kettles is their type, capacity and heating speed. Afterwards, you can check the other features.

Water kettles are available in different colors, designs, and models. Some are plastic on the outside and some are made from stainless steel. Also, make sure you get a kettle with a comfortable handle.

 Colors of Electric Water Kettles.

In addition, make sure you get a safe and easy to clean kettle.

Some models can keep the water warm for up to 30 minutes and some have energy saving properties.

All the extra features are written on the kettle’s box so make sure you read them thoroughly before making a purchase.

Before Going to the Store!

Before going to the store, you need to consider some factors such as:

Choose the type you want. Determine if you want a kettle with or without a base.

Choose the capacity. Determine the most suitable capacity for your home or office based on number of individuals. Note that the most popular is 1.5 liters (7 cups).

Choose heating or boiling speed. If you need a kettle that heats water fast then you need one with a higher electric ability. Note that a 3 Kilowatt kettle can boil water within two and a half minutes.

Choose other features. After finding the suitable type, capacity, and speed make sure you notice the outer design, color, handle, and the other provided features.

These are the most important factors you need to consider when purchasing an electric water kettle. Do not forget that the features are written on the box!

Be smart before you purchase and always visit Labeb for all the buying tips and guidance!


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