Your Guide to Choosing a DVD Player

How to choose a DVD Player? For an exceptional movie and series experience, what are the specifications you should notice when buying a DVD player?

Guide to Choosing a DVD Player.

Users may not always pay attention to the specification of a DVD Player when purchasing one and that is because they usually do not know that the devices differ from each other. Therefore, we at Labeb prepared you this article to learn about the specifications and hence make the right decision.

Movie and cinema lovers buy DVD Player’s to get the ultimate movie experience. Consequently, the DVD Player’s specification is the main factor behind picture quality. This is important for people who prepare rooms for watching movies by having a big screen TV and surround system, and even for people who want to watch movies in normal quality.

DVD’s have developed since they were first made in 1994 in which Portable DVD Players now exist (small DVD Player with a screen) which are suitable for travellers more than anyone! Through this article, we will focus on normal DVD Players and we will give you another article focusing on Portable DVD Players.

One of the entertaining things is in life sitting after a long day with your family or friends to watch a movie! To get the ultimate experience, DVD Player’s play an important role and so you must know what type of DVD you should get.

Stores are loaded with different types and brands of DVD Player’s, in which some support DVD’s and other support other formats like Blu-Ray.

Types of DVD Players

These devices can be split into three types: DVD Players, Blu-Ray DVD, and Combination DVD:

DVD Player:

This device only support DVD disks, which are known for their average image quality when compared to other forms, it also does not upgrade the quality and cannot be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

DVD disks generally have normal quality and can take up to 3 hours of video time. It can also be played on other devices like Play Stations and Xbox.

Note: There are some DVD Players that support HD but they are more expensive and the DVD disks and TV should be in HD as well! You also need to connect the Player with an HDMI cable to get the HD quality.

Blu-Ray Player:

 Blu-Ray DVD

Blu-Ray players are more developed and they can play Blu-Ray disks and some DVD’s (but not all of them).

We must point that you cannot improve the image resolution with Blu-Ray devices but their disks have a resolution of 720p and 1080p.

You can also connect this device to internet via Wi-Fi.

Blu-Ray Disks have a storage capacity that starts from five and a half hours up to twenty three hours and can also be played through Play Station.

These devices are more expensive than normal DVD Players and are in the same price range of HD DVD Players.

Combination Player:

 Combination DVD

This type of Player is special in that it can play all types of DVD and Blu-Ray disks, but it does not enhance the picture quality and its resolution ranges between 720P and 1080P.

It can also be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and is available in average prices and can support some games disks.

DVD Recorder:

What is unique about this type is the ability to record, in which it does not only play DVD Disks but you can record your favorite movies and series on an empty DVD disk by connecting the Player to the TV or receiver.

Choose a DVD Player Smartly!

 Guide to Choosing a DVD Player

In the first part of this guide we gave you the types of DVD Players (in which Blu-Ray Players are also within this list). advises you to think about which one of these devices best suits your needs; you might also want to consider some other specifications like a USB port and a remote control.

But Labeb’s main tips are:

  • Make sure you choose what is within your budget since the prices of these devices vary due to their specifications, types, and design. Also, the brand of the device affects its price.
  • Before buying a DVD Player check your TV to make sure the outputs of the DVD Player is compatible with the TV’s inputs.
  • Make sure of the Player’s specification since some users prefer getting a multilingual device. Also, Labeb advises to check if the Player supports different sound format for people who want to listen to music through the Player.

Before going to the market to buy a DVD Player, check all details, read reviews, criticism, and articles on to make a wise buying decision. And remember to choose what meets your needs and budget.

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