Your Guide to GoPro

What are the standards of choosing a GoPro? What are the specifications you need to consider when buying a GoPro?

Your Guide to GoPro

Hero GoPro cameras have invaded the market years ago! It is a high definition, high resolution personal camera with a light weight that can be worn on your head, hand, and forearm.

Generally, GoPro Hero is used to record videos and capture high quality images. It is also popular between extreme sports athletes, adventurers, travellers, and thrill seekers – like mountain climbers and divers! Some companies also use it by installing it outside planes, cars, and boats. It is also used by some military on tanks!  

There are many models of GoPro Hero in the market which confuses the buyer! GoPro Corporation also manufacturers different GoPro accessories and stands/mounts to facilitate its use in certain situations! They have even manufactured a special type of a flying GoPro called GoPro Karma.

Regardless of the GoPro Here model you are interested in, there are certain specifications that you need to check:

Image Resolution

Water Resistant GoPro  

All GoPro Hero captures high definition images and videos and so you do not need to worry about this! However, there are certain things you need to check to make sure the GoPro you are choosing will suit your need like: lens, image resolution (by megapixels), video resolution, and frame rate. The frame rate is the number of frames (images) captures per second.

These are the factors that differ between models of GoPro Hero that you need to check when it comes to its resolution!

Images and Video Options

Taking images and videos, adding effects, and editing them have become popular in smartphones and tablets and applications like Instagram, twitter, and others! There are options that range from taking a single shot to taking burst shots!

As for videos, GoPro Hero allows the user to take high definition videos. It also allows adding effects on the recorded video. Note that taking a picture or bust pictures can be taken through a special GoPro remote control that comes with it!

Ports, Battery, and Storage

Generally, all models of GoPro Hero support an additional SD Card that can be used to store images and videos. Usually, users tend to use a 32 gigabytes SD card.

As for ports – or how it can be connected to a computer or laptop, GoPro cameras can be connected via a Mini USB and a cable. It can also stream videos on TV screens through a HDTV port.

Most GoPros have a chargeable lithium ion battery. It can last for 3 consecutive hours before needing a recharge. Some users tend to buy an additional battery (or batteries) to avoid running out of charge when using it.

GoPro Accessories

GoPro Accessories 

GoPro has many different accessories like a remote control (that can be used to start the camera and carry other tasks), and supporting WiFi that can be used to upload images and videos online and on social media.

GoPro stands are also an important accessory that allows the user to take pictures and images from anywhere they want!

GoPro Models

GoPro Hero 4 

There are different models of GoPro ranging from GoPro Hero, to GoPro Hero 2, and all the way to GoPro Hero 5. Each model differs from lens type, features, and specifications.

The different specifications and features mainly focus on camera resolution (megapixels), powering WiFi via remote control, capturing images in different lights, having an LCD screen, and other features.

The latest release of GoPro is GoPro Hero 5 and below we will list some of its features. We will later bring you articles about the other features and specifications of the rest of the GoPro Cameras.

 Black GoPro Hero 5 Camera

GoPro Hero 5 Black LCD 

When it comes to video definition, GoPro Hero 5 can record videos with a 4K resolution (30 frames per second). The camera has a resolution of 12 megapixels. It has a 1200 mAh battery and supports WiFi and Bluetooth.

It can withstand a depth of 33 feet (about 10 meters) underwater. It also has a touchscreen that can be controlled through voice control!

GoPro Hero 5 is the latest of the GoPro productions. GoPro Corporation states that this model is the easiest to operate when it comes to powering and recording buttons. It also has special features like voice commands, video focus (to minimize shakes and vibrations), GPS locations, and other features.


 GoPro Hero 2

Make sure you choose the GoPro that suits your need and the specifications that you want! Determine whether you want the GoPro to record sports activities, for taking video to upload them online (like on YouTube), etc…

GoPro has a price ranging between 120 to 500 USDs.

Through this article, we introduced you to GoPro cameras and their general specifications and features. We also introduced you to GoPro Hero 5 – the company’s latest release!

As promised, will bring you articles about all the GoPro models in the future.

Finally, we want to remind you that GoPro cameras are action cameras. You can find different types of cameras by visiting our electronics section and then choosing Cameras.

Be smart before making a decision!

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