Your Guide to Choosing a Keyboard

Learn about the important specifications when buying a keyboard for your computer. What are the differences between keyboards?

Keyboards are one of the important computer input device

With all the technological advancement in the computer world and numerous input devices like scanners, microphones, web cams, graphic boards and other devices; the mouse and keyboard are still the most important.

We have prepared other articles in our guides section on how to buy a scanner, a web cam, and a computer mouse that you can find on our website.

Back to the subject of this article on how to choose the correct keyboard and even though there are not many specifications regarding keyboards, it is still an important task if you want to make the right and wise decision.

There is no doubt that keyboards perform the same task when it comes to different types, but has it ever occurred to you that some keyboards can perform additional tasks? Or that it might be easier to use certain types? The answer is a definite yes!

Since there are many different keyboard types, Labeb advises you to check the following specifications to make the smart buying choice!

Cord Keyboards vs. Wireless Keyboards

Wireless keyboards started to gain popularity during 2010 since users started to prefer them over traditional keyboards as they provide more space and allows mobility.

Cord keyboards are the traditional type of keyboards and the most widespread disregarding the type of cable connector (USB or Ethernet).

This is the first question you need to ask yourself! Decide on whether or not you need a cord or wireless keyboard. Note that wireless keyboards are more expensive than traditional keyboards.

If you choose to get a wireless keyboard, there are two factors you need to check: the first is the covering range. The covering range is the area in which the wireless keyboard can be distant from the computer itself! The average area for wireless keyboards is 30 feet (9 meters) which is considered a reasonable distance; some wireless keyboards can reach 82 feet (25 meters)! Make sure you choose the area coverage more suitable for you!

The second factor is battery type. The battery can be divided into two categories: the first is rechargeable battery that you can recharge when it runs out. The second is a non-rechargeable battery that you need to change when it runs out.

You also need to check its compatibility with the operating system on your computer. Some wireless keyboards are only operable on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

After choosing between the two types above you need to pick a design. In the next section of this article we will list the 5 different designs of keyboards and their specifications so you can make the smartest decision! The five designs are:

Traditional Keyboards

 Standard Keyboard

This design is the most used and the cheapest! It has all the numbers, alphabets, and special characters. It also has some keys that are task oriented. This type is suitable for average daily use and is available as a cord keyboard and a wireless one!

Ergonomic Keyboard

 Ergonomic Keyboard

This keyboard is designed specifically to fit the hands positions when placed on it! It is good for people who suffer from muscle stress as it works on minimizing the stress on muscles and bones. It is also suitable for people who work for long hours and it is available in the two keyboard types!

Gaming Keyboard

This gaming keyboard is not similar to other keyboards as it has more keys specifically designed for gaming commands. Also some models of this keyboard have florescent lights to light in the dark so gamers can play easily in dim lights. It also has volume buttons and is available as a wireless and cord keyboards.

Laser Keyboard

 Laser Keyboard

Although this design is available in the market, laser keyboard is not as common as other types since it is still under development and improvement!

Laser keyboard is basically a small device that reflects a keyboard image on hard surfaces like desks. It is suitable for people who work in dim lights but can be impractical since typing on hard areas may strain fingers. This type of keyboards may not suit people who work for long hours on computers.

Foldable Keyboard

 Roll Up Keyboard

If you travel a lot or need to keep a keyboard with you constantly, then this foldable cylindrical shaped keyboard is the right one for you! Not that this type is only available as cord keyboard and made from silicon.


It is true that the market is filled with different types and designs of keyboards but that does not imply that choosing a keyboard requires a lot of attention! We will list the following simple steps that can be considered as tips to when you want to a new keyboard:

  • Choose whether you need a cord keyboard or a wireless keyboard. If you choose a traditional keyboard then make sure its cord is compatible with your PC’s ports, and if you pick a wireless keyboard make sure it is compatible with your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux).
  • Choose the design and shape you need.
  • Make sure the keyboard has the keys you want.

If you use your computer for elongated hours, you need to choose a keyboard that is easy to use and doesn’t strain your muscles and hands! If you are a light user (simple daily use) then you can choose any type you prefer!

If you are into computer games, then the obvious choice will be a gaming keyboard, while the foldable keyboard is more suitable for people who are always on the move and require a keyboard (since it can also be connected to tablets)!

If you follow this guide, then will guarantee you making a smart and wise decision! To search for keyboards, you can simply type keyboard in our search box above or click here.

Be smart before making a purchase!

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