Your Guide to Buying Meat Mincers

How do you choose a meat mincer? What are the specifications and features of mincers? Are there differences between each type?

Meat Mincers are the one of the most important kitchen appliance in the 21st century.

There are many dishes and meals that you need minced meat for in the Eastern cuisine, especially Arabic food; this led people to buy a meat mincer. Previously, mincing meat was done manually, but today we have electric mincers, therefore, we have brought you this article to help you make a smart and wise decision.

Without doubt, mincing meat is not restricted on the Arabic kitchen as many people use minced meat to prepare Western dishes as well like sausages and hotdogs, and hamburgers. The Arab menu is packed with dishes requiring minced meat and that is why they purchase meat mincers for their homes.

Some consumers prefer buying meat that is already minced at the shop, while others buy the machine that allows them to prepare the minced meat at home. There are many different brands, types, and designs in the market making it harder to find one! Note that there are some people who still prefer the manual meat mincer.

Manual meat mincers are suitable for people who do not mincemeat regularly or people who do not need well minced meet as they can cut the meat using a knife. We must also point out that the best types of manual mincers cannot mince more than 1 kilogram of meat per minute.

Manual meat mincers are the cheapest types and are long lasting but cannot be used when mincing large quantities and it takes effort to use which some view as a tiring task.

In any case, we will specifically talk about electric meat mincers in this article, and before listing the specifications and features of these mincers, we mentioned some specifications of the manual mincer.

Most important specifications of meat mincers:

Meat Mincer Electric Power

 Meat Mincer Power.

Watts power is one of the most important factors you need to check before making a purchase since there are many different options in the market, each with its own power. The higher the power the stronger the motor and the faster the mincing! Also, higher power means more electric consumption.

For home use, a mincer with a power between 1200 to 2000 watts is good. A motor with 1/3 horse power can mince in an efficient way. This is also considered the average power for home use. As for commercial mincers, they usually have 1.5 horse powers.

Meat Mincer Capacity / Meat Mincer Size

Generally, you cannot determine the exact capacity of meat mincers as it depends on many factors like: tube radiance, plate type, face cover radiance (that determines thickness of minced meat), in addition to how meat is pressed down the tube to reach the blades and then exit the machine.

Nonetheless, some mincers have the capacity written on them (or the amount of minced meat per minute) but that cannot be precise as the size of the mincer and its tube/tray can take bigger quantities!  Therefore, the bigger the mincer, the more meat it can withstand.

 Stainless Steel Meet Mincer.

Other Specifications

Many users look at the number of the face cover and how it can be changed and replaced with other shapes as it is placed where the meat exist the machine. Usually, the plate has different shapes and types and it is responsible for changing the minced meat’s thickness.

The more the plates, the more mincing options you have. The most known plates are like the ones that you can do sausages with and Kebbeh, and these usually comes as extra accessories when buying a meat mincer.

6.3 mm tube plates are the one’s specialized for making sausages and thick meat. 9mm tubes plate can give medium meat, and 12 mm give the thickest meat.

Reverse rotation is also another feature you need to check. This specification allows the blades to move in reverse rotation to get better minced meat.

 Meat Mincer Capacity.

Generally, electric meat mincers can be divided into two categorize: one is made from stainless steel and the other is made from plastic. Here the choice is up to the user and what they believe is easier to clean.

If you have children in your household, do not forget to get a safety mincer, slip resistant (rubber base), and one with an emergency off button to prevent children from putting their hands in!

Summary, Labeb’s Advice!

Since we are talking about an appliance with not many features, the choice may be easy as the specifications you need to check are restricted to one another.

First, you must check the power capability, and chose a power saving one. Note that a mincer with a 1/3 horse power is considered suitable for home use.

Second, check the mincers capacity and remember the bigger the mincer the larger its capacity.

Third, check other specifications like number of plates and reverse rotation.

Finally, make sure you get an easy to clean mincer, one that can easily be disassembled and assembled. This will save you time and effort when cleaning it.

For a wise and smart decision, do not forget to stick with your budget and check what is suitable with your need.

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