Your Guide to Buying a Mini Fridge

What are the different models of mini fridges? What is its size? will introduce you to the specifications of mini fridges

Mini Fridges have an average capacity of 5.5 Cubic Feet.

Mini refrigerators are one the best ways to preserve foods and beverages at work especially since it performs this task without taking a large space at the work place.

The market is filled with different models and types of mini refrigerators, some are suitable for storing snacks and small drinks, and some are suitable for cooling meat and poultry. There are also different sizes which makes the choice even harder. We here at Labeb bring you this article to guide you to knowing the different specifications so you can make the smart decision!

It is important to choose the type of food you want to preserve, and so the correct size. This type is also suitable for people living alone, families who have a main fridge but want another small one to preserve snacks, and students who live in dorm rooms (it is not restricted to office use).

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To begin with, we must point out that the average capacity of mini refrigerators is 5.5 cubic feet (156 liters). Some models can have up to 11.5 cubic feet (326 liters) but the latter are not as common!

To clarify, mini fridges are not specialized for storing a large quantity of foods and drinks, and as we mentioned before, they are available in many different models, and so you need to check the following specifications to ensure making a smart decision: capacity, design, and power consumption.

Mini refrigerators are available in the market in the following models and designs:

Cube Refrigerator

 Cube Mini Refrigerator

This model is considered the most popular and has an internal storage ranging between 2.0 to 11.0 cubic feet, and its weight ranges between 11 to 14 kilograms making them easy to carry; hence easier to relocate at will!

On average, this type has a height between 45 – 50 centimeters, and since we are talking about a cube model, the height is equal to its length and depth (making it an actual cube).

It also has the most reasonable price (cheaper than other models) and so it is good for people who are looking for an affordable product. It is also equipped with a power saving feature.

Some cubic fridges have a small freezer but it only fits a small ice cube container. Some also have locks making it suitable for dorm rooms, and also in places with a shared kitchen.

It is important to note that the majority of this model does not have a freezer and can only store snacks and drinks, and that is has a small size and can be placed on countertops.

Tall Mini Refrigerator

 Tall Mini Refrigerator

This model has bigger sizes than the cube mini fridge; also the freezer box is larger. It has more shelves and door shelves providing more space to preserve foods and drinks.

Some models even have a separate freezer door similar to large fridges but are not as common.

 Two Door Mini Fridge

The average height of this mini fridge is 66 centimeters and an average capacity of 74 liters.

It has high efficiency in power saving but are more expensive that cube fridges and some have a temperature control key.

Compact Refrigerator

 Countertop Mini Fridge

Compact Refrigerators are similar to cube mini refrigerators as you can place them on countertops; the difference between them is the shape.

The average capacity is between 3.5 and 4.5 cubic feet (between 99 and 127 liters), and it is also a power saving mini fridge but the most expensive type.

It is suitable for families who already have a main fridge and want another one to store snacks and drinks.

Drinks Mini Refrigerator

 Drinks Mini Fridge

This model is the smallest one between all mini fridges and is suitable for people who only want to store drinks and beverages. It can fit around 12 small bottles or cans (like soda cans).

This type can be used in parties, doom rooms, and some coffee shops for displaying drinks.

Refrigerator Capacity

One of the most important things that you need to consider when purchasing a mini refrigerator is its capacity. The average capacity of mini fridges is between 2 to 11 cubic feet, and so as the number of people using the fridge increases, the capacity must increase as well. The optimum capacity is between 3 to 5 cubic feet.

When choosing the capacity, make sure the fridge can fit in the place you want to place it in.


It is important to check the specifications you want to make the smart decision especially since there are many different models and options.

The important specifications you need to check are the design, type, capacity, power consumption, and why do you want a mini fridge since some are designed for drinks only.

First, you must choose the type then capacity and finally make sure the fridge can fit in the place you want to keep it in.

Choosing a product is not an easy task and that is why we bring you these guides and articles to help you make a smart and wise decision!

Be smart before making a purchase!

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