Everything You Need To Know About Selfie Sticks

Does selfie sticks differ from one another? What are the things you should pay attention to when purchasing one?

Ellen DeGeneres Posted a Selfie Image With Other Celebrities.

Even though taking selfies of yourself with your friends, with natural scenery, or alone has become old ; after Ellen DeGeneres, the American Comedian and TV Host took and posted a selfie with other celebrities during the 86th Oscars in 2014, selfies became popular again and led to the creation of the selfie sticks.

Taking selfies may be dangerous at sometimes, but after 2014, it became a “thing” again and people from all walks of life are taking them.

With the spread of selfies, smartphone companies started to compete against each other to improve their front cameras to provide better, high definition selfies! And it did not stop there, as companies started manufacturing selfie sticks that can support a smartphone and can have its length adjusted to get better selfies from a distance.

This was because our hands did not give us a big range to take pictures and selfie sticks are created to support the user. It allowed people to take selfies from a distance (according to their preference), and gave them the opportunity to have a more “natural” picture (as if someone else took it) but taking it themselves without giving the camera or phone to a passerby.

Selfie sticks are easy to use; they are available in different shapes, designs, and types. We will inform you about the different specifications, features, and types of selfie sticks in this article before making a purchase. We will not mention brands as the market is filled with different ones.

Main Types of Selfie Sticks, Depending on How the Picture is Captured

 Types of Selfie Sticks.

Selfie sticks have 3 main types categorized according to how they are connected to the camera (how selfies are taken). The first is a wire connected selfie stick, the second is via Bluetooth connection (also divided into two types we will discuss), and the third is through wireless connection.

Wired Selfie Stick

This type is connected to the smartphone or camera through a wire near the phone or camera holder. This wire is connected to the device through a port, and after determining the distance, the user can take a picture by pressing the button on the handle.

  • Bluetooth Selfie Stick

This type is connected to the device through Bluetooth and it can be further divided into two parts depending on the capture button:

a. It is connected via Bluetooth and the capture button is on the handle.

b. It is connected via Bluetooth and the capture button is on a remote control (the handle is button-less).

  • Wireless Selfie Stick

This type only holds the camera or smartphone and is not connected to the device in any way.

After placing the phone on the stick and setting the desired distance, the user can set a timer on the camera and wait for the phone to take a picture, or make a hand movement or a face gesture the phone would recognize and take a picture (like LG phones).

There is a fourth type of selfie sticks, but it is not common, that is why we did not list it above. The fourth type is a still selfie stick, which is similar to camera stands; you place the phone on top and the base would be on the floor.

After listing the types of selfie sticks, there are still some features you need to consider we will list in the section below.

Specifications and Features of Selfie Sticks

Because of the competition between selfie stick manufacturers; there are some features that you need to check before making a purchase. Below are the specs you need to review:

  • Battery

There are two types: the first has regular batteries that you need to change once they are empty (unchargeable), and the second has a chargeable battery. Note that Wireless Selfie sticks do not have batteries.

  • Zooming Buttons

The zoom in and zoom out buttons is another feature you should consider. They are usually available in new Bluetooth selfie sticks (both types).

  • Leather Strap with the Handle

Many users prefer a leather strap next to the handle, or fabric, so that they can wrap it around their wrist when using it and carrying it.

We have now listed the types and features of selfie sticks. This brings us to the final part: our advice to you when making a purchase!

Summary, Labeb’s Advice

 Taking a Picture Using a Selfie Stick.

Finally, we will give you some tips to help you make a smart purchase decision:

  • Choose the type and specifications you want in a selfie stick
  • Make sure the selfie stick is sturdy. Also, check the toughness of the phone holder and if you can change its angles.
  • When choosing a wired selfie stick, make sure the wire is compatible with your phone/camera port.
  • There are some other features like having a mirror and being waterproof. Check the details and read reviews about the selfie stick you are planning to buy.
  • Make sure what the selfie is made of. Aluminum is the most common and it does not rust.

By now, you have all the information you need to make a smart purchase. Do not forget to choose what you need and within your budget. This is Labeb’s main advice. Stay connected to Labeb for all the information you need to know before making a purchase.

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