Huawei Announces its New Tablet with the Slogan ‘Two In One’

MateBook is the first Tablet and Smartphone in one device. What are its specifications? Will Huawei overcome Huawei Announces its New Tablet with the?

Huawei MateBook

Huawei, the Chinese Company, unveiled the new MateBook during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain held on Sunday the 21st February 2016. Huawei presented the first device that combines between the specifications of a Tablet and a Laptop to enter a competition with Microsoft, Lenovo, and Samsung with this electronic device.

 Huawei MateBook with a Keyboard and Optical Pen

Many analysts believe this move by Huawei will limit the sale of iPad Pro; note that Huawei are hoping that the MateBook will be the new laptop replacement.

We at will bring you the devices specifications through this article.  

Huawei MateBook, New Specifications

The new Huawei MateBook will be thinner and lighter than Microsoft Surface, equipped with a 12 inch screen with a resolution of 1440x2160 pixels. Huaei MateBook has the Core M Processors.

Huawei believe having an Optical Pen, being powered by Windows 10, and having a slick design will increase the MateBook sale.

MateBook is expected to be available before December 2016, and will cost 700 USD (496 JOD’s) before taxes. If the user wants to add a keyboard and pen, then it will cost 977 USD (692 JOD’s)

It weighs around 630 grams and 6.9mm thick. As for the internal storage, the user can choose between 128, 256, or 512 GBs with a 4 or 8 GB RAM.

It will be operating on a sixth generation Intel Core M 3.1 GHz.

MateBook will also support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with ports for headphones, keyboard (connected through the cover), and a 3.1 Type C USB port.

It will have a 5MP camera resolution and a 4430 mAh battery lasting up to 10 hours with medium use and 13 hours light use.

We must point that the MateBook prices will vary according to internal storage, RAM storage, keyboard, and optical pen (which will increase the price when added).

 Huawei MateBook, Computer or Tablet?

There is no doubt that Corporates are producing new innovative devices, and so no longer compete on certain products, but they are expanding their market by producing more devices and products. Thus, innovation plays a huge role in Corporates life.

Today, Huawei enters the Tablets (computers) world, and seemingly, the future holds many surprises regarding this product; since it can replace a laptop and is more practical than other devices. However, it did not yet replace a laptop just like laptops did not replace PC’s (desktops) yet.

 The many colors of the Huawei MateBook

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