The Experts Wide Acclaim about the New LG G5 Phones

How did the experts and critics react to the announcement of the new LG G5? Why is it making a big noise? What is special about it?

New LG G5.

The new LG G5 received a big acclaim from critics and experts once LG unveiled the phone’s specification on Sunday 21s February 2016 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

“LG G5 is the best phone released by LG since entering the smartphone market”, this was the statement agreed upon by all tech experts and critics, since the LG5 have many updates, from design, to internal specifications and features, which we will list in this article.


*Official video from LG G5

What distinguishes the G5 is that it emerged based on a defined concept and standards Google released about two years ago under the name of Project Ara. Project Ara is aimed to improve the smartphone accessories based on users’ preferences by creating a platform in which the user can choose the specifications they want and to change the damaged parts in the smartphone easily; hence increasing the phones age and decreasing electronic penalties.

In addition to the steel design and high specifications, submitting to Project Ara standards made it more popular as it can be altered within minutes with its removable base. The removable base allows users to change the LG G5 into a camera which is considered revolutionary in the smartphone world.

 LG G5’s removable base

The high specifications, unique steel design, high resolution camera and lens aperture, and submitting to Project Ara standards, made LG G5 the most renowned LG phone in the experts’ point of view. But, what is special about this feature?

Everything you need to know about LG G5

Labeb will inform you in this article with the main specifications of the outer design and system specifications of the LG G5 (announced a couple of days earlier in Barcelona).

To begin with, and speaking of the unique design, LG G5 does not have acute angles on the edges but curved edges and a steel cover. As for the dimensions, G5 has a length of 149.4mm, 73.9mm width, and 7.7mm thickness.

It weighs around 159 grams and will be released with the following colors in next April: silver, light grey, gold, and pink.

The screen is made from IPS LCD, 5.3 inch with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, and covered in a layer of the scratch and break resistant fourth generation Corning Gorilla glass.

As for the technical specifications, the user can choose to purchase a single or dual sim cards phone options. It also operates on an Android 6.0 version also known as Marshmallow.

It has an eight core Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon processors (latest type of processors) with an internal 32GB storage and the ability to add a memory card (up to 200 GB).

The LG G5 has a 4GB RAM.

The rear (main) camera was developed by LG’s team with a wide lens. It is made from two small lenses: the first has a resolution of 16MP with an f/1.8 lens aperture, and the other is an 8MP, f/2.4 lens aperture. That escalades the resolution and clarity of the images captured by the G5.

 LG G5’s camera

The front camera has an 8MP resolution as well.

Similar to other smartphones, the LG G5 has fast charging feature reaching 82% in 30 minutes, and the ability to charge wirelessly. It also has a 2800 mAh removable battery.


In accordance to the specifications listed above, we can consider the release of the G5 to be the best in LG’s smartphone history. One of the most important aspects of this phone is that it followed Project Ara’s standards allowing users to change and upgrade their phone easily.

The full steel design, system specification, high-tech camera, and other features like Always-on display that allows users to see the time, date and notifications without touching the scree, fast charging and wireless charging, make the phone a remarkable one.

As for the phone’s accessories, LG announced that the phone is compatible with LG 360 cameras which will give users an ultimate photography experience since you can take 360 photos.

It also has the LG 360 VR glasses and LG Tone Platinum headphones.

Hence, the phone provides everything for the user, from changing feature like turning it into a camera or a music player. In our opinion, this is what made experts’ fond of this device when it was unveiled.

LG G5 will be available in the market in April 2016, and you can find it at stores registered on Stay connected for the latest updates in the technological world.

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