Introducing the New MacBook Pro 2016

What are the specifications of the new MacBook Pro? What did Apple improve in their computers?

Macbook pro 2016

Apple, the American Company, recently unveiled their new laptops MacBook Pro 2016 with special specifications and new features that captured the user’s and expert’s attention.

Apple announced their new laptop on October 27th 2016 during a press conference. And it was the first announcement after iPhone 7. The experts and technicians were not surprised with the specifications of MacBook Pro 2016 since the leeks were completely true.

Tim Cook, the Executive Chief of Apple, was the one who made the announcement just like he did with previous Apple products. Tim Cook became the official announcer of Apple products after the passing of Steve Jobs in 2011.

We must point that one of the major specifications of MacBook Pro 2016 is that it is lighter and slimmer than its previous versions.

Specifications of MacBook Pro 2016

 MacBook Pro 2016’s Keyboard.

Apple released MacBook Pro 2016 with a slogan “A touch of genius”. They gave it this slogan because the new version of MacBook Pro has been elevated and it became the fastest, strongest, lightest, and slimmest MacBook release.

Apple also confirms that MacBook Pro 2016 has the clearest and brightest retina screen. It also has a larger track-pad allowing more control, and the addition of a touch-bar.

According to Apple, MacBook Pro 2016 is 130% faster than the previous models when it comes to processing graphical images. It also has a 67% better brightness, and is 17% slimmer. These facts apply to both MacBook Pro 2016 editions: the 15 inch screen and 13 inch screen.

MacBook Pro 2016 Screen Brightness.  

As mentioned above, MacBook Pro 2016 has a touch-bar before the keyboard. This touch-bar was developed by Apple and it replaces the command keys (function keys). Apple is now trying to completely replace this touch bar with the usual keys to provide more space on the keyboard.

The touch-bar changes in accordance to the type of work or task you are using automatically. It generally helps you control the volume and screen brightness, editing and searching applications and programs on the device, displays emojis, and many more.

And for the first time in MacBook history, Apple equipped the new Pro with fingerprint recognition which replaces the usual password protection.

When it comes to its battery performance, MacBook Pro 2016 is powered by a battery than can last for 10 consecutive hours without charging.

Also, Apple experts installed speakers on both sides of the keyboard enhancing the audio by 58%.

Is That All?

MacBook Pro 2016 is Slimmer.  

Definitely not! In this section we will list the specifications of both versions of the MacBook Pro 2016:

MacBook Pro 13-Inch Screen

Apple announced both versions of the 13-inch screen model in their press release, and we will now list the specifications and features of both 13-inch screen versions!

This first version does not have the touch-bar and fingerprint recognition features.

It operates on an Intel Core i5 with a frequency of 2.0 gigahertz. The hard drive (internal storage) has a capacity of 56 gigabytes and an 8 gigabyte RAM.

The second version has both the touch-bar and fingerprint recognition features.

It also operates on an Intel Core i5 but with a frequency of 2.9 gigahertz. It has a hard drive (internal storage) with a 256 gigabytes and an 8 gigabyte RAM.

MacBook Pro 15-Inch Screen

The second model of the MacBook pro 2016 has a 15-inch screen. This version has the touch-bar and fingerprint recognition password protection features. It operates on an Intel Core i7 with a frequency of 2.6 gigabytes. It has an internal memory of 256 gigabytes and a 16 gigabyte RAM.


Specifications of the 2016 MacBook Pro. 

The new MacBook Pro 2016 has certainly revolutionized and redefined the MacBook’s which was clear in the specifications.

We must point that all versions of the new MacBook Pro has four USB ports (Thunderbolt 3 made), and they all operate as chargers and USB ports.

As for the prices of the new MacBook Pro, Apple stated the following: the first version of the 13-inch model (the one without the touch-bar and fingerprint recognition) will cost 1500 USD, and the other version of the 13-inch model (with the touch-bar and fingerprint recognition) will cost 1800 USD.

The price of the 15-inch model of MacBook Pro 2016 will cost 2400 USD. All the versions will soon be available in the markets and stores.

Even though there were many leaks about the specifications of the new MacBook Pro prior to its release, but the announcement still was a surprise to many users – especially when it comes to its new design and technologies.

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