Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Surface Studio

Did you hear about the new Microsoft Surface Studio? What are its specifications? Is it a laptop or computer?

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The American company Microsoft finally succeeded in releasing a new unique device to the Tech World. A device that combines between a desktop computer and tablet according to Microsoft’s announcement.

Microsoft’s announcement of their new Microsoft Surface Studio came in October 2016 during a conference held by the Company in New York, United States.

As it is known to everyone, the American company Microsoft is considered one of the pillars in the technological world since its establishment by Bill Gates. The company receives continuous success whether in the smartphone industry (since they created the ultimate business phones), innovative programming software (like Windows operating system and Microsoft Office) or the Computer and Tablets industries.

In this article, and just like always, Labeb.com will list the most important specifications and features of this new and unique device (being Microsoft’s first device that combines between a desktop computer and a tablet).

What are the Specifications of the New Microsoft Surface Studio?

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Microsoft Surface Studio has a 28-inch LCD touchscreen with a thickness of 12.5 millimeters (1.25 centimeters) and it is considered the thinnest of its kind! The screen also has a resolution of 3000x4500 pixels and supports the e-pen!

It will enable the user to use the screen alone just like you can use a tablet, or by connecting the screen to stand and connecting a keyboard and mouse to it to be used as a personal desktop computer.

Microsoft Surface Studio operates on an Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and the user can choose between them. It is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce graphic card with a 4 gigabyte RAM. As for the device itself, it is available in more than one version: the first has an 8 gigabyte RAM, the second version has a 16 gigabyte RAM, and the third version has a 32 gigabyte RAM. When it comes to the internal storage (hard disk), it also has two versions: the first is a 1 terabyte and the second is 2 terabytes.

The screen base (stand) that we mentioned earlier – that converts Microsoft Surface Studio from a tablet to a desktop computer – has four USB ports, an electric port, an External SD Card port, a 3.5 millimeters headphone Jack, a Mini Display Port, and an Ethernet port.

Microsoft Surface Studio Ports 

It has a total weight of 9.56 kilograms and is powered by Windows 10 Pro. Microsoft Surface Studio has a front camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. The camera is an HD camera, with a built in microphone and Stereo 2.1 speakers. Also, it supports WiFi and Bluetooth.

Microsoft’s Device Competes against Apple Devices

Microsoft are trying to compete with Apple when they released Microsoft Surface Studio. This is because Microsoft Surface Studio will compete in the graphic development and application programming industry. Experts believe that this device will create a huge competition between the two companies.

Microsoft believes that their new device will create a huge difference in electric devices. It will become an inspiration to photographers, video producers (especially whom use Apple products), writers and artists.

The company installed their new device with a wide range of applications and accessories like the Surface Pen and the new unique input method Surface Dial. Surface Dial will facilitate the use of different applications to quickly finish tasks.

 Microsoft Surface Dial 03

Surface Dial has a circular shape. The user places it on the screen and can turn it around (just like a user would change a circular volume button). It can be used to perform many tasks and commands like changing the color while drawing, copy and paste commands, volume control, brightness level, and other features.

There are also over accessories for the device like the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard and a Surface Mouse. Note that these accessories can be bought separately.

Microsoft Surface Dial 01 

Microsoft started taking preorders on their Microsoft Surface Studio with prices beginning at 3000 USDs.

The competition in the technological world in rising. In the smartphone world it seems that the competition is between Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. Also, Apple is not being targeted as more competitors arise in its way. Previously, MacBooks were architects and artist’s choice of technology, but now Microsoft created a device that can easily compete against Apple products!

What is New in Microsoft Company (other than Microsoft Surface Studio)?

The American Company Microsoft also announced during the conference that the new Windows 10 update will be available to users with the beginning of 2017 under the name of Windows 10 Creator. The company verified that the new update will have many improvements and system application updates including a new version of Paint which Microsoft improved to support 3D design.

Microsoft also announced a new application that will support VR (Virtual Reality) and a new Surface Book Laptop, and other new releases.

The internet is filled with leaks about Microsoft’s new devices that include the new smartphone Surface Phone. However, this is only speculations and guesses as Microsoft did not confirm anything yet.

In any case, the most accurate and honest information can be found on Microsoft’s official website. And Labeb.com accordingly will always bring you the correct information.

Summary, Microsoft’s Exceptional Devices

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What is intriguing about Microsoft’s new device is not just about its high specifications and combination of a desktop and tablet, but also the creation of the new Surface Dial.

We would like to remind you that Microsoft Surface Studio will be available in different versions and models. From different processors, graphic cards, RAM, and internal storage.

It will be available in different versions such as: One that operates on an Intel Core i5, and another that will operate on an Intel Core i7. It will also be available in two internal storages: either 1 terabyte or 2 terabytes.

It will also be available in three different RAM storages: 8, 16, and 32 gigabytes.

The price is going to range between 3000 and 4200 USD’s.

Microsoft Surface Studio is still listed as preorder and not yet available in the market. It is expected that Microsoft will manufacture a limited number of devices but it is still not yet confirmed.

Once they are available in the market, we promise you will find them on labeb.com.

Finally, as promised, we will always bring all the latest news in the Technological Industry. You can check our guides section for all the recent updates. Stay connected with Labeb.com and you will be guaranteed to make the smartest decision.

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