More than 1.5 Billion Users on Facebook

The United States is first on the list with 170 million users, are Middle Eastern users continuously rising?

More than seventh of the Globe’s population use Facebook on daily basis

How many Facebook users are there? With the continuous rise in the number of accounts on Facebook (the social network), analytics are wondering when will these numbers stop increasing. Even though the statistics show that the rise is steady, the analytics do not expect this stop will be anytime soon.

The latest statistics done by Statista indicated that active Facebook users reached more than 1.55 Billion persons (users who log in at least once a month) at the end of the third quarter of 2015. While daily users reached more than 1 billion. The United States of America had the biggest share of users with more than 170 million, then comes India with more than 65 million, and then Brazil with more than 60 Million.



Estimated Facebook Users


United States of America

More than 170 million user



More than 65 million user



More than 60 million user



More than 54 million user



More than 40 million user



More than 34 million user



More than 34 million user


United Kingdom

More than 33 million user



More than 27 million user



More than 27 million user

number of Facebook users
Number of Facebook users

The numbers of Facebook users reached by the end of 2014 1.4 billion, while it is predicted that these numbers will keep increasing during 2016. In the Middle Eastern world, studies from the University of Qatar showed that people using social networks like Facebook and Twitter has decreased by 5% since 2012 because of other applications like What’s App.

Also, studies have shown the half of the internet users around the world use it to access Facebook only.

Facebook is considered one of the social networks that links the whole world together, and it has become a place for business development – from stores, small businesses, and all the way to big corporations – to increase customers. It is expected that this will grow in the next years. Facebook is still unable to specify the actual amount of fake account, even though they are trying to control these accounts by the ‘report’ option. Some estimates the number of fake accounts to be around 100 million.

How will Facebook reach another one billion users?More than 1.5 Billion accounts on facebook

Facebook is considered one of the website that improves and develops continuously by adding applications and features. This will allow the site to keep growing to reach a large amount of users, especially smartphone users.

Facebook has aimed since it was established to keep updating its services continuously till it reached what it is now. With features like chatting, liking pages of celebrities, famous people, restaurants, businesses, and products, and sharing pictures, moods, daily updates and check ins (like travelling, eating, and marriage) with your friends and other users. Facebook’s mission in attaining another billion user will not be easy, and that is what Mark Zuckerberg (the founder) is aware of. Therefore, adding new features will allow the site to keep growing.

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