Introducing the Second Generation of OnePlus Smartphone

What are the OnePlus 2 Specifications? Do you want to own a smartphone with high specifications and affordable price?

OnePlus 2 is considered one of the best phones that were released during the third quarter of 2015 with affordable prices.

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OnePlus, the Chinese company, unveiled their second generation smartphone: OnePlus 2 in August 2015 with its new look. The company received positive reactions after the release and many experts stated that the new phone surpassed expectations.

Contrary to what the Tech World is used to, OnePlus’s announcement was different this year; the company manufactured some copies to users before its official release and got them to talk about the phone and their experiences during the official announcement.

What differentiates this phone is how light it is with a frame made from aluminum, magnesium, and stainless steel which led to a stylish design. Also, the back cover can easily be changed to different colors.

The slogan for this year was also: ‘Never Settle’ and the company is still on the path to produce a third generation phone in the second quarter of 2016 (June). The company aims through its slogan to promote an idea that: “you can buy a smartphone with high specifications and low price.” Some tech websites and magazines came up with a different slogan: “Compelling phone of 2016”.

High Tech Specifications

The dimensions of OnePlus 2 are: 151.8x74.9x9.9 mm and weighs 175 grams.

And just like Chinese manufactured phones, the OnePlus 2 supports 2 sim cards (dual sim). It has a 5.5 inch LTPS IPS LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels. It is also covered in a layer of the Corning Gorilla 3 break and scratch resistant glass.

It is powered by a 5.1 Android version (Lollipop) and an eight-core Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 processor made from two processors, both operating on a quad-core, the first is Cortex-A53 with a speed of 1.56 GHz, and the second is a Cortex-A57 with a speed of 1.82 GHz.

OnePlus is available in two internal storage options: the first is a 16 GB with 3GB RAM, and the other is a 64 GB with a 4GB RAM.

The first option costs 330 USD (234 JOD’s) and the second one is 390 USD (276 JOD’s), both before taxes.

It has a 13 MP rear camera with an f/2.0 lens aperture, and a 5MP front camera f/2.4 lens aperture.

OnePlus has a non-removable 3300 mAh battery. The battery is highly efficient and lasts for a long period of time.

It is only available in a black color, but the user can change the back cover. The covers are available in many distinct colors, and some are even wooden.

 Colors and design of OnePlus 2 Smartphones.

Similar to other smartphones, OnePlus 2 supports Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS.


The Arabian market had negative views about Chinese products, but lately they have become more acceptable of Chinese products. Similar to other products, the preferred smartphones from the majority of Arabs were American and Korean made. We recently can see that Arab users are becoming more willing to use Chinese phones after testing them.

The Chinese smartphones today are competing against American and Korean phones, even in European markets. In China, the company was successful in the manufacturing and production of smartphones and they became one of the top five most common phones in China.

What differentiate Chinese phones today are their innovations which are the global standard for success in the Tech World, especially in the smartphone industry.

 Through this article, we introduced one of the Chinese smartphones, and you can always check the guide section at for more information about smartphones and the Tech World.

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