Your Guide to Computer Screens

Do you want to buy a new computer screen? Learn about the specifications you need to check?

You Guide to Computer Screens

Buying a computer is not an easy task especially with the variation in their price, and different specifications and features like type and speed of processor, type of computer screen, memory storage, etc…

We will focus in this article on how to buy a computer screen by listing some factors that will help you pinpoint your options. We will help you find the best computer screen when it comes to cost, specifications, and type of use. There is a variation with the type of use from person to person, as some need it for design and montage, while others need it for gaming, and some for simply browsing online. Therefore, choosing a computer screen depends on the type of tasks you will be carrying.

What Are the Main Tips Of Buying A Computer Screen? How Can You Distinguish Between Different Screen Types?

Firstly, and before jumping into details, there are five major factors that are considered the main guideline for buying a computer screen:

  • Screen Resolution: It is measured in pixels, and the number of pixels indicates the number of squares resulting from the horizontal and vertical screen lines. The higher the number of boxes, the clearer the screen gets. There are different types of screen resolutions and the most famous are HD (High Definition), and FHD (Full High Definition).
  • Response Time: It is measures in millisecond and it indicates the time needed for the pixel to change from one color to another. This factor is important for people who watch movies and gamers. The lower the response time, the better the screen is (suitable for all types of tasks).
  • Screen Refresh Rate: It is measured in hertz and it indicates the number of frames projected on the screen. The average refresh rate for most screens in 60 hertz and there are screens with a higher rate. The higher the refresh rate, the better is gets making it suitable for all types of users. But remember that there is no need for a high refresh rate if you only want to browse the internet and thus you can save some money.
  • Colors: Color accuracy can be seen when projecting. Remember that most screens are set on the optimal or primary setting. Of course, it is better to set the screen colors with the type of use and all screens have more than one option to choose from.
  • Screen Size: It is measured in inch and this factor depends on each user’s preference, and distance between the screen and user. There are some who think that the bigger the screen the better it is, but the truth is otherwise. If you sit close to the screen for elongated periods, then it will not be easy to see everything on the screen in one look.

Determining those factors depends on the type of use. They may differ from user to user, so remember to get what you need.

Tips To Choosing A Suitable Computer Screen For Browsing Online

 Web browsing computer screen

People who use the computer to browse the internet and carry some regular tasks will not need a full option screen. It is – however, better if the user can take into account any future tasks that will require higher specifications like: watching online programs. In that case, choosing a screen with a 5millisecond response rate, 60 hertz refresh rate, an HD resolution, and 20 – 24 inches screen will be suitable.

Tips To Choosing A Suitable Computer Screen For Gamers

 Gaming Computer Screen

Whether you are a beginner or a professional gamer, you will need a computer screen that is suitable for you and the types of games you like to play (especially fast-paced games like war, racing, and sports games). You not only need a screen that clearly projects graphics, but you also need a screen that will project a clear undisturbed picture.

We will help you find a computer screen to give you the ultimate gaming experience by listing the following tips:

  • Screen Size: When it comes to the size of computer screens, the bigger the screen the better it gets. Buying at least a 27-inch screen for a big room is usually suitable as it will give you efficient dimensions, full resolution 1080x1920 pixels (some models have Wide Quad High Definition WQHD 1440x2560 pixels). If you have a small room, then you can get a 24-inch screen with a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels.
  • Graphic Card: You will need to get a 3D graphic card so that it can be highly efficient while playing.
  • Refresh Rate and Response Time:
    • Refresh Rate: Refresh rate is the time, in seconds, to change frames and it is measured in hertz. If you are a gamer, we advise you to get a screen with a minimal of 120 hertz refresh rate; meaning it refreshes 120 times in one second. The higher the rate the better it is since a high refresh rate is one of the fundamentals of 3D-imaging.
    • Response Time: Response time is the time for the pixel to change from one color to another and it is measured in milliseconds. A response time of less than 2 milliseconds is good for gamers.
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS): IPS screens project the colors in a natural and clear way. The problem is that this type of screens is the most expensive. You can buy a TN screen which is affordable and popular between games since it focuses on giving a high refresh rate and fast response time. Its only disadvantage is that it is suitable for fast-paced games only.
  • Number of Ports: We advise you to get a screen with more than one port so that you can connect it to other computers and create gaming platforms.

Tips To Choosing A Suitable Computer Screen For Architects, Graphic Designers, and Web Developers

  Graphic Computer screen

If you are a software programmer, web page developer, or a game designer working on a computer, then you will need a computer screen that will help you design, edit images and videos, and help you carry other tasks related to designing and engineering.

How can you purchase the best computer screen to improve your work? The answer is not as simple as you think due to the numerous options in front of you. In this computer screen guide, we will give you some tips that will help you choose a suitable screen and give you the best outcome as well setting your priorities straight when choosing a screen.

  • If you design games for tablets, you need to get a small screen that reflects the tablet’s screen-size so you can assess your work better on daily basis.
  • A computer screen sized between 24 – 27 inches is considered the most popular between software and game programmers as it gives space for more visuals, more suitable for work, and with affordable prices.
  • A screen resolution of 768x1366 pixels is suitable for people working in these types of industries. Some however, prefer a screen with a higher resolution so that they can review small details.
  • Color options and editing them is important for software programmers and game designers. You will, in this case, need an LUT (Look-Up Table) feature, editing tools, and a natural color application that can help adjust color contrast and balance Gama and white colors.
  • Get a computer screen that allows you to move horizontal and vertical lines freely. This is useful when designing long files that you want to see in on frame.
  • IPS screens give a good color resolution, and the difference between it and TN, VA, and PVA systems is with the color accuracy. This is what game designers need to have to give an accurate result.

Dell Computer screen

Finally, you have to reasonably think when it comes to your budget. It is true you are buying the perfect computer screen for your entertainment, games, or line of work, but you have to take your budget into consideration.

You can always choose to wait for future screens with better and higher specifications and features. But you have to balance between what you need and what you can afford. Set a budget before going shopping so you can set a limit for yourself when choosing the features. As an example, you can purchase a 32-inch screen for gaming that will give you an ultimate experience and entertainment, but we advise you to get what you need and within your budget so that you will not make any regrets.

Be smart before making a purchase.

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