Meet the World’s Smallest Smartphone

What’s the smallest smartphone in the world? What are the most important specifications of this phone?

Posh Micro X S240 Colors

Mobile users in the 1990’s tended to choose the smallest mobile size and with the smartphones revolution they started to go for larger sizes, as it allows them to do more tasks through bigger screens, so a question arises: “is there a phone that meets the specifications of a smartphone and the size of a mobile back in the 90’s?”, answers all your questions about the world’s smallest smartphone in this article.

The American Posh Mobile company has announced in July 2015 that its Posh Micro X S240 is the smallest smartphone in the world, its dimensions of length and width are not more than the dimensions of your credit card, it is one of the smartphones that operate with Android system which is sold with affordable prices.

Good specifications for affordable prices!

Posh Micro X S240 Credit Card

Posh Micro X S240 has round edges, with a length of 89.8 mm, 47.8 mm width, 11.7 thick, and about 52.7 grams only.

Also, Posh Micro X S240 has a full touch LCD display, 2.45 inches only, and a resolution of 240x432 Pixels.

Posh Micro X S240 mobile operates on (Mediatek MT6572) dual core (Cortex-A7) processors, with a speed of 1.0 GHz. The phone has an internal memory storage of 4 GB, with the ability to add an external memory card with up to 32 GB storage capacity, and it has a 512 MB RAM.

Posh mobile company did not neglect the importance of having both main (rear) and front cameras, with a resolution of 2 MP for the rear camera, and 1 MP for the front one.

Posh Micro X S240 has a 650 mAh battery, which is sufficient for almost 200 hours when the mobile is set to Standby mode, but sufficient for 4 to 7 hours of mix use, depending on working at (3G) or (2G).

Surely Posh Micro X S240 mobiles support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and radio services.

Posh Micro X S240 is available in black, white, blue and pink colors. It’s sold in the market for a range of 60 – 150 USD .

Posh Micro X S240 Black

If you are a small phone lover, advises you to go to a store and check the phone closely, as it is a wise choice for those who prefer small phones, does not have to store much data, and do not mind the resolution of a camera. is your ultimate inclusive guide to the technology world. So, stay in touch to be able to make a wise purchase decision.

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