Men’s Guide to Shaving Machines

Do you wonder what type of electric shaving machine to buy? Do you need a guide to make the right and wise decision?

The traditional shaving methods are decreasing as new shaving methods are rising.

 Technology have been changing our lives for the past 60 years, it is improving it and making it more efficient as devices and machines are making tasks that used to take time to finish take less time and effort. From washing clothes, to preparing and storing food and many more daily tasks including shaving!

In addition to saving time and effort, scientific research also show that using an electric shaver is even better for the skin from traditional methods. It also gives a more elegant look, making electric shavers a necessity in men’s daily life.

It may seem like an easy task to you, and it is simple once you know which type is suitable for you between all the different brands and types in the market. By reading this article, you will have a better idea for what you need, and do not forget to choose what is within your budget.

Owning an electric shaver also has its economic advantage since you only pay once to own this type of machines instead of buying traditional razors as you need to buy continuously.

Also, electric shavers save you time! Instead of spending a lot of time shaving your chin in the morning, the machine will do the same task with half the time you usually take, if not even less! It is also smoother on the skin and saves you the effort of buying shaving creams and razors continuously. The men’s electric shaving machines usually last for years.

In this article, we will list the important specifications you need to consider when buying an electric shaver for your face, but you also need to know that there are some other machines that are specified for heads and bodies (which we will write about in later articles).

Electric shavers are divided into three main categories: foil electric shavers, rotary electric shavers, and beard and mustache trimmers:

Foil Electric Shavers

 Men’s Guide to Shaving Machines

This type of electric shavers has one or more spinning cylindrical heads on top of the machine called Foils. The foil has many blades inside it as well as holes to grab hair follicles and get them to the blade.

This type of electric shavers is suitable for sensitive skin as it captures hair and shaves it from a short distance from the face; it is also useful when defining facial hair.

The Foil electric shaver is also useful for people who shave daily and as mentioned above it can define the beard easily. Different brands have different time periods for changing the blades (heads), some takes 6 months and some can last for 36 months. Make sure that you get a foil electric shaver that lasts for longer periods.

If you shave your beard daily, have soft and straight hair, and you want to define you beard, then this is the most suitable type for you. Do not forget that electric shavers need continuous cleaning!

 Rotary Electric Shavers

 Men’s Guide to Shaving Machines

This type has three circular spinning metal heads. Each circle has small blades on its sides, and this type’s head is more suitable with face curves.

We must point that rotary electric shavers are gaining more popularity nowadays as it was developed to resist water more than any other type.

This type is suitable for people who do not shave often and have thick and scattered hair. But this type does not shave from a short distance and it needs periodic cleaning. If this description match’s you then Labeb advises you to get this type.

Beard and Mustache Trimmers

Men’s Guide to Shaving Machines

This type of electric shavers is highly common in the market, and some of this type has a pen-like shape for traveling and they are suitable for mustaches. The hair trimmer machine has multiple plastic heads and you can choose the one you want for the hair length you desire.

Generally, most people who buy this type are hair salons, and it can be bought by people who want to trim their hair (not only beards and mustaches) and it is the most expensive type!

After this quick presentation on the types and specifications of types of electric shavers, you must check the features of the three types and choose what suits you; thus, guaranteeing a smart buying decision!

Cord or Cordless Electric Shaver

Electric shavers with cords can be divided into two types: The first type has chargeable batteries where the cord is connected to the charging base and you can use the machine once you remove it from the base. This type provides the user with more mobility.

The second type has the cord connected to the shaver itself and so you need to be near a power supply when using it.

As for wireless shavers, it has lithium batteries that need a short period of time to be charged. If you travel a lot and need a fast charging machine, shavers with lithium batteries will be suitable for you. Make sure to check what type of batteries the machine has and how long it takes to charge it.

Wet or Dry Use

Many electric shavers are water resistant making them useful for people who shave using water and during a shower. Other models can be only used when the skin is dry – not water resistant. Water resistant machines are usually more expensive than the dry ones.

This matter is up to the user and his preference.


 Men’s Guide to Shaving Machines

After choosing the model that is suitable with your skin and hair type, you need to choose whether or not you want a water resistant one. After deciding what you need and is within your budget, there are some other features that differ from one brand to another, so make sure you check them out before making a purchase.

These features include small vibrations for a more comfortable shave, number of vibrations per minute; a rotate-able head, skin pressure, and easy cleaning processes.

Do not forget that the above features are only secondary and the most important ones are the things we discussed in detail throughout this article: type, connectivity, and water resistance.

Make sure you choose what you need and within your budget to ensure making the right and smart decision.

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