Your Guide to Toasters

Do you like having toast for breakfast? Do you want to buy a toaster for your home? This guide will help you make a decision!

It is difficult to heat toast without a toaster.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals, and many nutritionists believe that having breakfast in the morning is a necessity! Usually, people who have a healthy breakfast are more fit and healthy than others – especially those who skip breakfast.

There are different types of food a person can have for breakfast, and all around the world there are different breakfast cuisines! In light of all the advancements, we now are closer to other cultures and thus their foods!

Bread is an important component in breakfast regardless of the type of culture you are in. It may come in different shapes and preparation types: from our traditional Arab bread, to French toast, and croissants.

Heating toast is not easy if you are doing in on a normal stove, and so the need arises to have a toaster if you want to heat it; making it a necessity to people who love eating toast!

 A lady using a toaster.

There are different types and models of toasters in the market, ranging from devices that can heat two pieces all the way to four. There are also some that have a small oven and then there is the multipurpose toasters!

In order for you to make a smart decision, we will list the main types of toasters and the specifications you need to check so that you can make a smart and wise buying decision!

Types of Toasters

Toasters are considered a main kitchen appliance – especially in modern kitchens! As we mentioned above, there are different types and sizes of toasters; some can only heat two pieces and some have more than one function! There is even a toaster that can heat one piece only but it is not that common in the market and so we will not list it along the types!

Two-Slot Toasters

 Two-Slot Toasters

Two-slot toasters, or two-piece toaster, or whatever you want to call it is considered one of the traditional kitchen appliances. That is because it has a simple function and mechanism. This type has two horizontal openings on the top where you put the toast slices in. The user then sets the heating time and starts the device.

The two-slot toaster is an automatic device; meaning it automatically ejects the toast when done.

This device is small with a length of 23 centimeters and a width of 13 centimeters; meaning it saves place in the kitchen and is suitable for small families.

Four-Slot Toasters

 Four-Slot Toasters

This model does not differ much from the two-slot toaster except for the number of slots on the top. This model, as its name implies, has four openings for toast slices, making it suitable for medium sized families. It is also double the size of a two-slot toaster.

It has a length of 30.5 centimeters and a width of 23 centimeters.

Toaster with Small Oven

 Toaster with a small oven

This model is a lot similar to a microwave when it comes to its design. It has a toaster and a small oven at the same time, i.e. multipurpose. It can be used to heat food or prepare some types of foods and deserts like muffins and waffles.

Usually, this type can heat two pieces of toast at the same time and it has other tasks like heating food.

Multipurpose Toasters

 Multipurpose toaster.

Similar to oven toasters, this device looks like a microwave as well! It has a place on the top to toast bread but not as slots but like a drawer, and on the bottom, there is a place like an oven (just like shown in the picture above).

There are some multipurpose toasters that can heat around 1000 pieces of toast an hour; some have places to prepare eggs. There are numerous models of the multipurpose toasters and many usage types. Some are suitable for large families and some are more suitable for restaurants.

 Four slots-Toaster with an Egg preparation section.

Specifications to Consider

After choosing a model, you need to check some specifications to ensure making a smart decision!

Toaster Size

The size of the toaster is measured by the number of bread slices it can heat per time. The regular toaster (without an oven) is available in two sizes: two and four slice slots!


 Toaster 02

There are many models and types of toasters in the market according to the type of material it is made from.

Generally, you can find models made from stainless steel, chrome, or reinforced plastic (made to withstand heat).

There is no major difference between the type of material the toaster is made from and its function.

Multi-Heating Options

 Toaster Settings.

Heating and toasting the bread depends on the time the toaster takes to do it. It is important to note that when buying a new toaster.

Multi-heating options depends on the user’s preference. Some enjoy more crisp toast than others and so require more heating time, while some prefer mild heated toast.

Summary would like to remind you that buying a toaster goes through two important phases; the first is choosing the suitable model, and the second is determining the extra features and specifications like size, material, and heating time!

There are other features that a user might want to check like the design and shape, and inner-lighting (for toasters with an oven).

There are also some other features like the settings, screen, and heat control! The user here is free to choose the type they prefer and find more suitable with their style! Some toasters have the original buttons, while some have a touchscreen instead!

 Toaster Screen.

When making a decision, remember to check exactly what you need and what is within your budget! This is our advice to you and the key to making a smart and wise choice!

And so, toasters are considered one of the important kitchen appliances, and choosing one is not a difficult decision! Especially after following the simple steps of purchasing one!

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Be smart before making a decision!

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