Best Side by Side Refrigerators in Jordan

What are the best Side by Side refrigerators in Jordan? What do Jordanians care more about: the prices or the specifications and features?

Samsung’s side-by-side refrigerators are number one in Jordan.’s team conducted a survey to find the top 5 most sold side-by-side refrigerators and the results were as follows: Samsung came in first place, then came Beko, LG, Hitachi, and finally Sharp! Side-by-side refrigerators – disregarding the brand – are generally more expensive than top freezer refrigerators and with an average price of 1000 JODs.

It is true that most top freezer refrigerators are the most sold type of fridges in Jordan, but that does not mean that side-by-side refrigerators are not popular.

Generally, you should check different specifications and features, brands and types before making a purchase that will stay in your house for a long period of time. Therefore, we have previously written a guide to buying a refrigerator that you can read in our guides section.

Similar to the results of the most popular top freezer refrigerator survey – that you can also find on our guides section or by clicking here - the survey carried by Labeb to find the best side-by-side refrigerator included more than 500 stores in Jordan showed that the most popular side-by-side refrigerator was Samsung!

Hence, Samsung can be considered the number one refrigerator brand in Jordan since Jordanians prefer getting a refrigerator manufactured by them – regardless the type! This shows that the average Jordanian has enough knowledge as they can balance between good quality products and average prices!

And according to our survey, the most popular side-by-side refrigerators up until July 2016 were:

Samsung RSA1STMG Refrigerator - Capacity 580 Liters

Samsung’s RSA1STMG refrigerator came in the first place on our most popular side-by-side refrigerators list in Jordan with a capacity of 580 liters (24 cubic feet) and dimensions of 91.2x178.9x73.4 centimeters.

It is a No Frost refrigerator and has two drawers, five shelves, four door shelves and one egg shelf.

The freezer has an automatic ice machine, five door shelves, and another five shelves and two drawers.

Samsung RSA1STMG price ranges between 950 and 975 JODs.

Sharp SJ-X640-BK3 Refrigerator – Capacity 640 Liters

 Sharp SJ-X640-BK3

Sharp SJ-X640-BK3 Refrigerator with a capacity of 640 liters came in the second place.

It has a capacity of 640 liters (26 cubic feet), with the dimensions of 90x178x70 centimeters. It has four door shelves, three shelves, and four drawers.

Sharp SJ-X640-BK3 Refrigerator has a price ranging around 1000 JOD’s.

Beko GN1163020X Refrigerator – Capacity 640 Liters

 Beko GN163020X

In the third place came Beko GN1163020X Refrigerator with a capacity of 640 liters (26 cubic feet) and dimensions of 91x179x72 centimeters.

Beko GN1163020X Refrigerator has three door shelves and two eggs tray. The freezer has two drawers and four door shelves. It has a price ranging between 850 and 900 JODs.

LG GCB-217AXL Refrigerator – Capacity 528 Liters


LG GCB-217AXL Refrigerator came in the fourth place with a capacity of 528 liters (21 cubic feet).

It has eight door shelves, and six shelves. LG GCB-217AXL Refrigerator has a price ranging between 1000 and 1150 JODs.

 Hitachi R-W660 Refrigerator – Capacity 540 Liters


Finally, and in the fifth place came Hitachi R-W660 Refrigerator with a capacity of 540 liters.

Hitachi R-W660 Refrigerator has the dimensions of 183.5x85.5x74.5 centimeters and its prices ranges between 1000 and 1200 JODs.


Side-by-side refrigerators have two doors that can be opened in the center. In most models, the left side is a refrigerator and the right one is a freezer. It is perfect for limited spaces and it is also more expensive that the top freezer fridge.

It is important to read the guide on how to buy a refrigerator before making a purchase!

According to the survey carried by, the most popular side-by-side refrigerators in Jordan are Samsung, Sharp, Beko, LG, and Hitachi. The results also showed that the Jordanian user tried to balance between quality and prices.

You can find side-by-side refrigerators on by typing side by side refrigerator in the search box above (search products in Jordan) and click the search button. You will find a list of stores selling side-by-side refrigerators in Jordan and you can compare their prices and find the store nearest to you!

Be smart before making a purchase.

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