Most Popular Smartphone Accessories

What are the most popular smartphone accessories in Jordan? created a survey and now will share the results with you!

Back Covers are considered the Most Popular Accessory in Jordan.

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There are many different types of smartphone accessories in Jordan. Buying a smartphone is now linked to what accessories it comes with. After the survey done by us, it was clear that the most popular accessory was the back cover.

There is a huge variety of accessories in the market, from chargers and covers to smartwatches and VR Glasses.

At Labeb, we carried a survey to find the top 5 most popular smartphone accessories in the Jordanian market. It included more than 500 smartphone stores and companies who sell accessories.

The results for the top 5 accessories are listed below from the most popular to the least:

Smartphone Covers

 Back Covers for Smartphones.

Smartphone covers came in the first place, and they are divided into two categories: the first are back covers and the second is full cover as it protects the back and the screen (usually referred to as a “flip case”).

The main purpose of the cover is to protect the phone as they provide support and protection against bumps. This accessory is widely spread in the Jordanian market and you can check some of them out in our mobiles and tablets cover section.


Headphones with microphone

In the second place comes headphones; in all their types from wired speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and external speakers.

Bluetooth are the most common between headphones, as they are connected to the phone via Bluetooth. They are available in two types: the first is a single headset usually placed in the right ear, and the second type is like a strap placed on the neck or headphones in addition to a microphone for receiving calls and texts.

Wired headphones come in second place, and these are headphones and microphones connected directly to the phone. They usually come with the phone upon purchase. As for external headphones, you connect them via Bluetooth and you can use them to listen to the radio or music on higher volumes.

Screen Protectors

 Screen Protectors for mobiles

Screen protectors come in third place, and they are a transparent sticker placed on the screen. They do not affect the finger touch or phone performance.

They are available in two types in Jordan: the first is light, protecting the phone from scratches and light bumps, and the second is thick – referred to as crystal – and it protects the screen phone from breaking from falls - up to 80%.

The sticker’s main purpose is to protect the screen, and Jordanians buy them a lot. Note that some companies likeLenovo started putting a screen protector on the phone; the phone already comes with a screen protector.


 Portable chargers

Chargers come in fourth place– all types of chargers. The first type is car chargers, then home chargers, and finally portable chargers (Power Banks). You can find different types of chargers on by clicking here.

Car chargers usually come with a cable that is plugged in the cigarette lighter output and the phone is charged once you connect it to the cable.

Portable chargers are widely spread in the Jordanian market and with many different features. We, at, advice you to read: How to Buy a Power Bank, in our guide section to know more about them.

Selfie Sticks and Car Holders

 Selfie Stickes.

Selfie sticks and car holders came in fifth place. You can check these accessories on mobiles accessories section.

You can check our guide to selfie sticks for further information.

Car Holders are usually pinned to the front glass, in front of the driver or in the middle and users can place the phone on it. By that, you can receive and send calls and talk on speaker; minimizing distraction.

 Car Mobile Holders.

The Jordanian market is filled with mobile accessories, and even though smartwatches and VR glasses are becoming popular, they are still expensive and cannot be afforded by many users.

You can also read our guided to smartwatches by clicking here.

Do not forget to stay tuned with Labeb for all the new information and updates in the Tech World.

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