Vivo V5 with a 20 Megapixels Front Camera for Selfie Lovers

Do you love taking selfies? Do you search for a smartphone with a high resolution front camera?

Specifications of Vivo V5.

The Chinese Company Vivo unveiled their new smartphone Vivo V5 in the middle of November 2016. It is a smartphone with spectacular specifications, but its most unique feature is its front camera as it was designed to satisfy selfie lovers with it 20 megapixels resolution!

For those who do not know who Vivo is, it is a Chinese Company manufacturing and producing electronics. It designs, innovates, and develops smartphones and smartphone accessories. As well as developing programs and online services. It was established in 2009 in Dongguan City Southern China.

The company unveiled in 2012 their Vivo X1 which was considered the thinnest smartphone at that time with a thickness of 6.8 millimeters. The company also entered the top 10 list for the best smartphone company’s during the first quarter of 2015.

Chinese companies manufacturing smartphones entered the market several years ago but it was not until last year that they started competing against the best producers like South Korean Samsung and the American Apple.

The Chinese Company Vivo also stated that their new Vivo V5 will help users take better “selfies”. Not only because of its 20 megapixels resolution, but also because of the advanced LED flash on the front camera and beauty shots feature.

 Vivo V5 front camera

The phone was designed with a full steal frame and curved edges.

Vivo Company announced that the V5 will be available in two colors: grey and gold. It will also be similar to other smartphones with the volume and lock buttons on the left side and the sim card tray on the right. The base will have a 3.5 jack, microphone, micro USB port, and speakers. It will also support dual sim cards.

The Company’s Logo is on the back cover, and the home button is on the front side. The home button can be pressed and it also has fingerprint recognition allowing you to unlock the device instead of using a password. The Company states that the fingerprint recognition on their device is fast and efficient, unlocking the phone in 0.2 seconds.

Specifications of Vivo V5

 Vivo V5 Smartphone.

Vivo V5 has the dimensions of: a length of 153.8 millimeters (15.38 centimeters), a width of 75.5 millimeters (7.55 centimeters) and a thickness of 7.6 millimeters (less than 1 centimeter) with a weight of 154 grams (5.43 ounces).

It has a 5.5 inch IPS LCD touchscreen supporting more than 16 million colors making a percentage of 71.8% of the whole front side with a resolution of 720x1280 pixels. It is also covered in a layer of Corning Gorilla break and crash resistant glass!

Vivo V5 operates on an octa-core processor and powered by Android 6.0 operating system (also known as Marshmallow).

The second SIM card tray can be used for an external Micro SD card – up to 256 gigabytes. The phone itself has an internal storage of 32 gigabytes and a 4 gigabytes RAM.

It has a rear (back) camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels, and a 20 megapixels front (selfie) camera. It also has a non-removable 3000 mAh battery.


 Vivo V5 20 megapixels front camera

Vivo V5 is expected to be available in the market during November 2016 with a price ranging around 300 USDs – before taxes and customs.

The Company also announced that they are about to release a new version of V5 called Vivo V5 Plus but did not yet determine the time. Leaks suggest that Vivo V5 Plus will have a dual front camera similar to what Huawei did with their Huawei P9.

We must point again that Vivo V5 is the first smartphone with a 20 megapixels front camera, with flash sensors.

The flash feature is known as moonlight glow flash, and it can give the face a natural glow when taking a picture in dim lights. This feature came to replace the normal white flash that changes the natural face color.

The sensor in the front camera is IMX376 manufactured and produced by the Japanese Company Sony. The front camera also has an f/2.0 lens aperture.

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