Everything you need to Know About WiFi Boosters

Have you heard about WiFi Boosters? What are their uses? Are there any differences between different types?

WiFi Boosters are Important in Companies and Large Homes.

WiFi boosters have numerous names but they all have the same function: to amplify the network range and strengthening it to cover a larger area. The reason behind having numerous names is because of the different manufacturing companies as each one wants to name it differently.

Before defining the device and listing its uses, we will list some of the most used names. It is known as a Wireless Repeater, Wireless Booster, and Wireless Range Extender. You can also find other names for it, but they all have the same function!

Comparing the booster to a router is an unscientific thing. Routers are internet connection devices. Routers are connected to the internet and they transmit the signal wirelessly. When a booster is a device that receives a router’s signals and retransmits them again; it cannot be connected to the internet directly!

The booster is used to increase the WiFi’s covering range in companies and homes. It works by receiving the signals transmitted by routers, strengthens them, and retransmitting them to cover a larger area.

By using a booster, you can easily and simply magnify the WiFi signal at work or at home to reach all corners. In large companies and homes, there are certain areas that are not covered by WiFi because of walls or multiple floors.

We have previously written an article about the main differences between routers and modems, and in this article we will list another connectivity device; which is the WiFi booster!

The need to Increase the WiFi’s Covering Area

Everything you Need to Know About WiFi Boosters 

Usually people who want to buy a WiFi booster can be split into two types:

  • Individuals: Certainly, not all people will need a booster since most routers can cover small to medium areas. However, people who have large homes (or more than one floor) will need to get a booster to be able to cover all the areas.
  • Companies: Similar to individuals, large companies will need a booster so that it can reach multiple floors and offices.

The need to have a booster arises when the router cannot cover all the areas at home or at work; meaning that owning a booster depends on the size of the area needed to be covered.

Things you need to consider when buying a booster

There are not many features that you need to check when buying a booster, but below are the most important specifications you need to check to make the smartest decision:

  • Make sure you buy a booster from your router’s brand to make sure they are compatible.
  • Make sure the area can be covered with one booster. You might need more than one booster if you have a large place.
  • Some boosters need to be connected directly to the router. Make sure you get a wireless one so that you can place anywhere you want.
  • All boosters need to be connected to electricity. Some can be connected through a cord while others need to be connected to the plug directly (Wireless Adapters). Make sure you get what you need as you can determine the number of plugs and their uses.

These are Labeb’s advices, even though they are simple, but they will guarantee you making a smart and wise decision.


 WiFi booster

We have introduced the WiFi boosters in the beginning of this article, then we listed the types of users who might need one, and finally we mentioned the most important things you need to check before choosing a booster!

In any case, the booster will amplify the WiFi signal so it can reach the area you want to cover. This is because thick walls and more than one floor can be factors limiting the router to cover all the area.

The users of this device are numerous; it extends to more than homes and companies to reach coffee shops, airports, gyms, restaurants, and many other places and arenas.

At first, the user may not know the differences between modems, routers, and boosters, but the explanation of their functions, separately, is enough to clarify the main differences between them.

You will probably need a booster if your home’s area if more than 120 square meters and has more than three rooms. This is because routers can cover this area and anything below (or less than) it.

You can check our guides section for all the buying guides we have for you. After determining the type of electric product or device you want, you can check our articles list so we can further help you find the type and specification you will need to make the smartest decision and know you budget.

Be smart before making a purchase!

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